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TLC/Discovery channel petition, please help

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  • TLC/Discovery channel petition, please help

    TLC programing petition:
    subject: fire fighter programs(Lack there of)
    Several weeks ago I sent TLC and the Discovery channel an email inquiring about new programing that would be of interest to firemen and anyone that wanted to watch them. I asked if they had any plans of making shows about firefighters and all aspects of the job. I asked them why they make so many programs about police depts, special police units and tons of hospital and EMS shows but almost nothing about the life, equipment and training of firefighters of the United states. I voiced that there should be programing on fire fighters because it is a very interesting job and that many firemen every year give their lives to keep us safe. I said that the numbers may be differant but many fire fighters, police officers and even EMS workers die every year but almost never is the fireman noticed. Almost never do we see programs that let others inside the life of a fireman.

    Why is the fireman forgotten when it comes to these programs?? Why is the fireman not seen as a person of honor the way police officers are? I have alot of respect for law enforcement officers and don't get me wrong but its not fair that again the fireman gets left at the fire house watching cop shows on TLC and the Discovery channel!!!

    I got an email back that said that they would take it into consideration and pass the email on to the proper people but, thats not enough.

    This petition is going to be sent to TLC and the Discovery channel in hopes that our numbers will convince them that many people are interested in fire fighter programs.

    Dear TLC/Discovery Channel

    I am writing this letter to you with a request. I am interested in seeing programs about fire fighters on your network and want to know when such programing will be available. Your Network is great and the programing superb but there is almost no shows about the life of fire fighters and the job they do. I see many shows every day about police departments and trauma rooms in hospitals but nothing about the countries fire fighters. Why is this?

    Many firemen give their lives every year and put their lives on the line every day but we see almost nothing about them or what they do. Programs could be made that focus on a differant fire dept each week. Differant aspects of the jobs could be highlighted and fire apparatus could be showcased regularly.

    I have learned so much from being a firebuff, collecting model fire engines and talking with firemen and if not for them I would not have learned as much as I have about what they do, and still I don't know the half of it. Have you ever seen a fire truck racing down the street and wonder where they are going and what they are going to do? I know my kids do every day. I know that they are so interested in knowing whats going on. They are afraid of fire trucks because they have almost no exposure with such equipment. They feel threatened by "that big truck" and they want to "Learn"

    Your network focuses on "Learning" and does a great job. Almost everyone I know watches TLC and hundreds of them are fire fighters. Please take this petition into consideration. Please think about the possibilities for such programing. Please read the names and words of the firemen that are adding to this petition as it is them that would be represented on such programing.
    Thank you.

    the people

    Please add a reply to this post.The whole post will be copied and mailed to TLC and Discovery channel. Please add your state, dept and rank and Please be polite.Firebuffs and collectors just add your name and state if you are for new programs. Thank you

    all referances to Firehouse.com, Firehouse Magazine its email address, phone numbers and referances to infopop bulletin boards will be removed from the petition before it is mailed. this post can also be found at code3 collectibles bulletin board
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    Thanks for your post. It's about time someone expressed the desire to see firefighter oriented programming on television.
    To The Learning Channel and Discovery Channel,
    This is an area that merits some serious consideration. While I respect police officers and paramedics, I truly feel television has ignored the firefighter. Once, in a great while, there will be a program focused on firefighters, but nothing regular. Firefighters provide the first response to a wide variety of human situations and they deserve the recognition they have so valiently earned.
    Please provide meaningful firefighter programming. Tell our stories, share our joys and our tears.
    Thank you,
    James W. Boyle
    Captain, Porter (Tx) Fire Dept.


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      Not only would it be fun to watch, but hopefully it would spark interest in what we do and help out VFD's with membership.
      IACOJ Agitator
      Fightin' Da Man Since '78!


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        A program on TLC about firefighting would be absolutely great. I would love to see this aspect of public safety exposed to the general public so that maybe they would understand what we do , how we do it, and why we do it. Being in this field has absolutely turned my life around. Before I got here, I had no direction. Now I have reachable goals and I feel like I'm doing something valuable.

        PSO III Heather Langston
        Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety
        Daytona Beach Shores, Florida
        Bless all of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. You will not be forgotten


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          It would be nice to see new programs about Firefighting and Firefighters. There are fare too few programs on this topic. They could even do programs showing the assembly of Fire Apparatus. The could do features about Departments in different parts of not only the United States but, other Countries as well. They could do features showing the how Fire Apparatus and Firefighting Equipment has advanced through the years. They could also go to Fire Musters, Conventions and Expo's. There could be new features about major fires and other incidents showing what exactly the cause was and what it took to bring the incident under control. They could even do specails on the Different compititions Firefighters particapate in. The possibilities are endless all it would take is some research to find the subject and manner in which to present it.
          They would be doing the Fire Service a great service bye giving it the exposure that it badly needs.
          Bill Richards Lieutenant
          Columbia Fire Co. Osceola Mills PA

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            I certainly hope that TLC/Discovery gives careful consideration to creating these shows. I loved the paramedics series and on multiple ocassions was even able to use it as a tool in training. A firefighter show would be fantastic and would not only get the full support of me, but I can think of at least a dozen others that would watch it! TV has long lacked a good show about what we do!

            Brookside Engine Company, (NJ)-Captain
            Morristown(NJ) Fire Department-FF
            Mendham Township First Aid(NJ)-EMT- Officer

            These views are my own and do not reflect those of these departments


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              Dear TLC:

              Please consider this issue seriously. Just as the movie "Top Gun" brought lots of recruits to the Navy, I feel sure that a good firefighter show on TLC would bring us some volunteers. And rest assured we would ALL be watching it! I watch "Paramedics" and "Trauma" every chance I get.

              By the way, TLC, talk to someone who has the telemetry for a thermal imaging camera. You could actually see inside the fire and broadcast the footage. It would take TV somewhere it has never been before!

              Please give this your consideration.
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                Do you want a medal for being a fireman? You sound like you think you're special because you're a fireman...like you are in it so you can say "Hey, look at me. I'm a fireman. I'm so great. Cherish me. Love me. I want some recognition. I deserve it". And because you're not getting recognition from a tv show, you are petitioning them??? That's retarded. I hope TLC and Discovery laugh at you. They don't run or plan to run a show that you want to see (a show about you)... so you don't like it... you ask them to do it... they say maybe... that's not good enough for you... so you petition them? You have got to be kidding. Are you a 5 year old girl?

                I like to see firefighting shows. When they are on I will watch them with great interest. I too would like to see even more shows because there isn't much out there. But if not, oh well. No crying here. I don't feel I am entitled. And I don't feel like I need to threaten some tv channel by saying "make a show about me, or me and my friends won't watch your channel anymore". Again, there is really no way to describe this, except that its retarded.

                Remember, you said you would copy all of these replies. Don't forget mine.


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                  I think it would be a great idea to create this type of programing on the discovery. I watched the shows on the Marines and the SEALS and they were awesome! What my previous collegue said was rediculous! I don't want any recognition through this type of programing, but I believe that it may help a diminishing intrest in the fire service. I love to watch these types of shows, and if a show on firefighting would be produced and made available to purchase, I would probably even buy it, not for the recognition though!
                  Thank you for your consideration on this topic.

                  Wayne S Hocking
                  Keensburg Beall-Woods Vol. Fire Department
                  Firefighter/First Responder
                  Keensburg, Illinois

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                    Dear TLC and Discovery Channel,

                    Please consider producing and airing TV shows regarding our nation's fire service. These shows would be a winner for you by drawing millions of new viewers to your shows. They would also be a winner for the fire service by increasing the public awareness of what the fire service does on a daily basis to protect lives and property.

                    Thank you.

                    Joe Fiala
                    Miller Fire Department
                    Miller, SD


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                      Just to let it be known, My intention is not to express that we avoid watching TLC or Discovery Channel if we don't see fire fighting programs. What I am trying to do is show TLC and The Discovery Channel that there are great numbers of people who want to see fire fighting programs.

                      In making the topic of this post it does say "petition" and thats only because I was unsure of how to label the topic. And not that we will rise to overpower the evil ruler of the networks if we don't see firefighting shows...HAAAA
                      All opinions are welcome but don't get the intention of this topic wrong and don't read into it too much. If you want to see these types of programs then let me know so I can send them to TLC/Discovery Channels and see what happens

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                        I'm an avid watcher of Trauma: Life in the ER, Code Blue, and Paramedics (when I can find reruns of it). Of course I would LOVE to see a show like these based on firefighting. In fact, I'm a little confused as to why one doesn't already exist. They've exhausted all other emergency fields, FFing is just as exciting (if not more so) as police and ems, and with the reality show craze, you'd think they'd milk it for everything they've got. (I believe TLC's Trauma: Life in the ER is their highest rated show.) So I would definitely sign a petition to get a show like that on the air. I gotta give props to TLC and the Discovery channel for being some of the best TV on, but cmon guys, let's step it up and get on the FFing bandwagon. Oh, and Mamaluke, whether or not I agree with you, you totally crack me up... "are you a 5 year old girl?" Harsh, but funny (and isn't harsh but funny always a whole funnier than plain ol' funny?)

                        Kyra Engelberg
                        EMT-B, FF Explorer
                        Mt. View, CA
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                          Have you guys ever seen the reality shows that have been done on firefighting in the past? There was one called Firefighters (I think) and it aired at odd times so it was hard to catch. The show was boring as can be. A camera crew can't see or do much at a fire except show the exterior....how many people want to tune in and watch that over and over again? Yea, there are thermal imagers out there...and that would get really old to watch after a while. They would throw in car accidents and extrications here and there, but again....didn't really make for good TV.

                          ...so I personally don't care to see anymore reality TV shows.


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                            Another idea could be a show just like "Paramedics" called "Firefighters" or "Engine Company" that goes to different cities and rides with the busiest companies. (Maybe they could even get Kurt Russell to narrate ) They could show more than just working fires: EMS runs, extrications, all the things that the fire service does these days.

                            I would love to see a program that shows what it's like to ride with the busy companies from FDNY, DCFD, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Prince Georges County MD, etc., etc., etc.

                            Add my name to the list of supporters for reality firefighting shows!

                            M. Collins
                            Washington Twp. Fire & Rescue
                            Toledo, Ohio

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                              I personally think that there should be more shows on T.V. about our profession and our dedication, and all the great stuff that comes with it hanging out with friends the feeling of knowing you helped save a life or made a good stop on a fire before it got out of control. This kind of show would be great but the problem is networks always go for the paid departments and never show how hard it is to be a volunteer raising money at functions and responding from your house to the station at 3 in the morning when it's like -20 out side then being covered in Ice from the cold it is a feeling most of us have had to experience at one time or another.
                              I also think that the reason they don't milk it for all it's worth is because of a lack of willing cameramen to go into some of the dangerous and precarious places we put ourselves into once in a while so I don't think it is because they don't want to it is probably because nobody has the gut's to go out with us and film it.
                              I also think that they will make a series about our profession sooner or later hopefully sooner.
                              David McFeaters
                              R.G.V.F.D. 21-1


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