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Helping out in NYC?

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  • Helping out in NYC?

    I was wanting to know if there is a number or way to get in contact with somebody at FDNY or in NYC to offer manpower in the efforts in the city? Thnk you, GOD BLESS OUR BROTHERS

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    I too am willing to help.

    Contact me at 910-738-3009

    or thru the Dept. at 910-671-3860


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      The last I heard last night that they had enough manpower but, things may change. I know Volunteer Firefighters From PA went to Ny as I'm sure ome from many other States. Your best bet may be to talk to other members of your Company and see if any other members are able to go and get a crew list together then contact your State Fire Commisioners office and give them your crew list with a contact name and number. This would probably be your best bet at this point in time. To try and contact FDNY directly may be very hard due to the amount of activity that is going on. Hope this helps I'm sure at some point they mey need additional personel to releave Emergency personel.


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        Anybody from pa that wants to go should call the Fire Acad. at 1-800-459-4096. Good luck getting through I have been trying all morning and the number is busy.
        God be with FDNY and their familes.

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          While I'm sure anyone of us in the nation would be willing to go, I'm sure the last thing the dispatchers need in New York is some individuals or individual departments calling up to offer help.

          State to State Disaster Plans have been activated at least in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut to organize available resources if needed. These requests are being funneled between State Emergency Management Agencies. Specialized Resources from Maryland (USAR Teams)and Massachussets (Chief Officers) have also been sent via state channels.

          I come from a town nearly 170 road miles from New York -- and we've already been formally contacted throught State & County channels (and have pledged an 6 man Engine if asked). If you draw a circle that large around NYC, your literally talking 10,000 or more Engines and FF availability of 100,000 or more.

          What I'm saying basically -- as far as direct FD help, let the official channels arrange and coordinate it. If your aid is available, let your County Fire Coordinators who can let your State Emergency Management officials know -- they can coordinate State to State needs.
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            WE were told here in Massachusetts, that if any person went down there bythemselves with out being requested that they would be asked to leave, if you gave them a hard time you would be arrested! So we offered our assistance and are waiting for the call then we will respond to help.

            God help the FDNY and all Americans !!


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                Dalmatian90 covered most of this but I`ll say some more.

                Right now, disaster plans that have never been activated are in effect, New Jersey has sent the most apparatus actually into the city, now CT is ready and willing to help if needed, Stamford was contacted yesterday, by FDNY, asking for units to cover a station in Westchester County, they`re orders were changed though, and they stood by at Yonkers raceway all day before returning home. Also, most of Fairfield County`s special rescue units were sent in. We had a third alarm callbacks yesterday, downtown where it`s all paid. Up in the northern parts of the city, we had all our volunteer stations on stand-by. Today, things are back to normal, we`re still ready to haul to NY if neccesary, but otherwise it`s business as usual, well as usual as it can possibly get.

                NY told someone here in CT, all I know is that it got to the chief, that we`re looking at maybe Friday-Tuesday if guys are needed. They`re going to be burning out down there, it`s inevitable, we`re ready to help in any way neccesary.

                Those of you out of the tri-state area, I`d hold off on calling, or driving up, unless your called. As amazing as it sounds, these disaster plans, mutual aid plans, etc. have worked great, and everything is covered to the best of my knowledge.

                I haven`t seen anyone from Stamford here in these forums, so I`ll speak for everyone. From the Stamford Fire and Rescue Department, the Stamford Police, Stamford EMS, Belltown, Turn of River, Long Ridge, Glenbrook, and Springdale Volunteer Fire Departments, and finnaly our residents, we send our deepest symapthies to those missing, injured, or killed in this disaster, especially firefighters, our hearts go out to all of you, and your families, your all in our prayers.


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                  The Fire Chief from Worcester, and 5 other Massachussets cities responded coordinated by the IAFC "For their experience in operations at Worcester"

                  Which made me scratch my head since I know Chiefs from cities like Hull and Waltham didn't work at the Warehouse -- then I realized -- the 5 other chiefs were the ones who coordinated the coverage of the Worcester stations. That was the specific experience that was being looked for.

                  It is a great tribute to the fire service that we can find and deploy personnel with very specific skill sets to tackle problems, and I'm sure as I write they're coordinating with FDNY the coverage for the weeks ahead.
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                    Berks county (Southeast PA) called each chief and asked if we can send equipment my one company doesn't have enough equip or extra guys to send. However, the other company, in Chester county PA may be sending two guys..
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                      I want to help also as does my girlfriend. We both have deep backgrounds in Fire and EMS.
                      page me and leave some information
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                        I don't know how other States are but, we were told to contact our county Department of Emergency services with a crew list and they would pass it along to PEMA. They definetly don't want anyone going down on there own. So as stated earlier unless you are requested don't go. If you are interested in helping organize a crew and go through the proper channels. They are trying to keep the efforts organized so no one else gets hurt. They have there hands full so don't make things harder.


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                          This is a message being distiputed throughout the country:

                          The following message is from the International Association of Fire

                          The Incident Command System (ICS) for disasters is in place in New
                          This requires that FDNY requests assistance from FEMA. FEMA has
                          the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams, which are already on site in

                          The International Association of Fire Chiefs has issued the following
                          statement to its members:

                          Federal and state agencies have disaster plans. Individual departments
                          should NOT call FDNY or Washington, DC to offer assistance. Please
                          your state emergency management agency to coordinate offers of
                          assistance to
                          FDNY or metro Washington, DC area fire departments.

                          Again, please contact the state EMA office. The system works. If
                          needs help, they will get it--all they have to do is ask. One recent
                          national disaster required a huge effort to manage the things that the
                          fire department did not order. Imagine as the IC if all of a sudden you
                          a semi load of diapers show up at your emergency scene. It might seem
                          at the movies, but it is not in the real world.

                          Firefighters need to understand that if and when assistance is needed,
                          will be called. Fire fighters should also realize that individuals
                          volunteering for a short period of time is not acceptable. If and when
                          mobilization is requested, a time commitment of several days will be

                          The end result is that we MUST use the existing FEMA disaster response
                          plans. Those plans have been implemented.

                          We have talked with FDNY, and at this time they do not need additional
                          assistance. More importantly, they do not need more phone calls. What
                          need is time: time to plan, time to think and time to act. The American
                          service must exercise patience.

                          Your concern is very much appreciated. Please keep these affected
                          departments in your thoughts and prayers.


                          Craig Sharman
                          NVFC Government Affairs Representative
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                          Washington, DC 20036
                          [email protected]

                          (202)887-5700 ext. 12 or
                          FAX (202) 887-5291



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