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Misconceptions of WATER-FOG ATTACK!

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  • Misconceptions of WATER-FOG ATTACK!

    ....'the fog tip is good for normal room and content fires, however if you have a victim you chance steaming them with a fog'....

    How many times have I heard that!

    There are so many misconceptions amongst firefighters concerning the use of water-fog streams for interior structural firefighting but understandably, they are made by those who base their opinions on out-dated techniques and by those who are not aware of the 'new-wave' tactics of 'PULSING' fog patterns!

    Other misconceptions include current beliefs that water-fog is not as effective as a smooth-bore in cooling the overhead (WRONG); the use of a fog pattern will upset thermal balance (WRONG); fog patterns are optimised in non-ventilated rooms (WRONG); providing the nozzle operator has been TRAINED in the 'new-wave' approach!

    Perhaps the BIGGEST misconception that leads to SO MANY posts about FOG .v. Straight .v. Smooth is that both fog patterns AND smooth-bore/straight stream have a major role to play in structural fire attack. ITS NOT an either/or debate! Once you have advanced your knowledge and received TRAINING in 'pulsing' techniques; practised 'pulsing' applications and RECOGNISED the limitations of 'pulsing' fog patterns - then you will be in a position to make an informed choice!
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    I'll add my $0.02

    I've been using the "pulsing" technique for a couple years now, and I wish I had been taught that 13 years ago when I started in firefighting! Is it for every situation? No. It is helpful in many fire situations though.

    On my department, by SOP, we start our attacks with a minumum of 150 GPM available on each attack line. Very effective most of the time. Pulsing uses significantly less GPMs, (pure guess here) maybe 15 - 20 GPM or so. It is simply AMAZING how much heat can be absorbed by a little bit of water mist!

    The first time I got to really experiment with pulsing was at a drill. The smoke was hot and banking down. We pulsed for about 40 seconds, and the smoke levels rose about 8 inches, and the thermal image camera showed a decrease of about 350 degrees in temperature.

    Let me tell you, after that, I was SOLD! Let's see, done right, theres no steam burns. It cools things down significantly, increases visibility. And oh yeah! It also allows for greater space for cooler, fresher air to get in to any trapped civilians that we are trying to rescue! ( Remember them? )

    Just $0.02 from a firefighter/paramedic.


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