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An insane drive for more quotas at the FDNY

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  • An insane drive for more quotas at the FDNY

    A new City Council proposal seeks to diversify the Fire Department, “ensuring that the racial, ethnic and gender demographics of the department’s firefighters reflect that of the city’s population as a whole.”

    The proposed law is aimed specifically at increasing the number of women in the FDNY; accompanying legislation mandates the upgrading of all firehouses to “establish full integration of a mixed-gender workforce,” with separate bathrooms and sleeping areas.

    But it is worth remembering that recruiting, hiring and retention practices in the FDNY are already under the scrutiny of an anti-bias federal monitor. In 2011, the FDNY lost a lawsuit filed by black firefighters who said the department’s multiple-choice tests were racially biased, on the grounds that black applicants disproportionately failed them.

    A monitor was assigned to watch over the department, more or less controlling hiring.

    In 2014, Mayor de Blasio agreed to a $98 million settlement with the supposed victims of the FDNY’s racism, including “compensatory relief” in the form of back pay and benefits for the people who flunked the supposedly racist test. The department agreed to implement major changes in how it recruits applicants and created a chief diversity-and-inclusion officer to support these efforts.

    read the rest here: https://nypost.com/2019/10/18/an-insane-drive-for-more-quotas-at-the-fdny/
    If my basic HazMat training has taught me nothing else, it's that if you see a glowing green monkey running away from something, follow that monkey!


  • #2
    I get the desire for more diversity. That's all fine and dandy.

    But unless there is suppression of protected groups in the hiring process, etc, about all that should happen is more advertising directed at said groups. And some fields may never be able to find parity with society as a whole.

    As for the tests being biased, perhaps a sample of the subject groups should be given a battery of tests from different fields, etc. Include tests that have been proven to be unbiased. See if the same pattern exists. Maybe it's not the tests.

    And I will never support quotas, in either direction. If someone wants the job, let them meet the requirements.
    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

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      coloration does not equal causation. just because a certain minority group does poorly on the exam does not mean the exam is racist, especially when the exams are completely blind to race and ethnicity.

      I mean, if you can show exactly how the test is racist, than I would support throwing it out, but simply having the written results of all the white men doing well on the exam does not mean they have an unfair ethnic based advantage.

      May the best person get the job, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality.
      If my basic HazMat training has taught me nothing else, it's that if you see a glowing green monkey running away from something, follow that monkey!



      • #4
        They call it cultural bias. If one group does poorly it means the test MUST be biased. No scientific or logical basis for this. It puts the cart WAY before the horse.
        Written test has been dimbed down to where you need a 99 or 100 to have a chance. Because everyone gets to the high 90's.
        Physical testing all but eliminated. Chance after chance after chance to pass a test that anyone walking in off the street should easily pass.


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          Originally posted by captnjak View Post
          Written test has been dimbed down to where you need a 99 or 100 to have a chance. Because everyone gets to the high 90's.
          Back when I was in USAF, the evaluations were that way. The "average" airman got an 8 (scale of 1-9), if for no other reason than to be able to "improve." A 7 was very nearly the kiss of death. Seeing something other than a 9 was unusual, to say the least.

          Of course, in this day of "everyone gets a trophy," what do you (that's the editorial "you", not the Cap specifically) expect?

          At one of the seminars at a major conference I attended this year, a chief said he's now encountering recruits in his academy who have never heard the word "no." I was discussing that with a local teacher not long ago and he basically said exactly the same thing - his challenge at the beginning of the school year is figuring out which of his students have never heard that horrible word.

          Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

          Everyone goes home. Safety begins with you.


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