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In between a rock and a hardplace.

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  • In between a rock and a hardplace.

    First off thank you all for your advice regarding my other post. So i need some advice from some amazing firefighters chief captains ect.
    So.... the dept I work for is 3 hours from home, there is really no advancement opporitunity there as their is only 9 fulltime firefighters 2 per shift and a shift lead
    I did agree to a one year stay at least with the dept but a new situation has come about. I am offered insurance but only for myself and not my family. I was under the impression my family is included which isnt, maybe its my fault for assuming or mis hearing but end of the day I only have insurance. Now....... another department that is only about an hour away has invited me to interview and they DO offer insurance for the whole family, retirement ect and more pay. Do I apply and go against my word which means alot to me or do I stay at my current dept ( not that I have gotten hired by this dept I am interviewing for) but under the hypothetically i get hired) . I feel like I am doing a bad job at not being the leader of the house and providing for my family . Any help or advice would be helpful. thank you so much.

  • #2
    So how long have you been at your present Dept??

    Will the interviewing dept not contact your present one, until and if you get a job offer??

    So is the one year agreement in writing?


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      i have been here 6 months sir and no it is not in writing, it was verbal and I am not sure the interviewing dept will confact my current dept, i feel like i am going against my word but at the end of the day my family is number 1 so i am just hitting my head against the wall with this decision and again, i havent gotten hired by this other dept nor might not even pass their interview but this is all just kinda pre planning just in case i get lucky


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        I usually tell people give a dept at least a year, before looking.

        I would say your real problem is interviewing and not having your current Dept find out.

        On our apps there is the question can we contact your current employer.

        And we respect that till a formal offer has been made.

        You could look at it you have six months in, depending say they offer you a job it may be two three months down the line, before you start.

        So you are almost at the year mark.

        At the time of the offer set down with current employer and just go through what you have said already, minus the insurance stuff, and thank them profusely for hiring you, but you have decided to move on....

        More than likely you are not the first.



        • #5
          thanks fire i am honestly the 4th employee over the last year. does it sound like i am being selfish in wanting to have better insurance and a little more pay with this other dept and yes it could be months. now im curious if like you said you ask may we contact your employer , does it look really bad if I check no?


          • #6
            The no box should not matter,,,

            Like I said at some point, normally after an official job offer, we do contact employers.

            But until then we understand the hiring process is complicated, and does take awhile.

            Plus, if we contact a current employer, sometimes they do not like their employee looking for other jobs, AND decide to say have a nice day you do not work here anymore!!

            That includes people that work for a dept, and other employment places non fire.


            • #7
              Your loyalty is admirable. Now apply that loyalty to your family. The new job sounds better in every important way. I would take it. Doesn't make you a bad person. The current department will understand. They may not like it but they'll understand.
              Anyone with a few years (or decades) under their belt knows how vitally important things like healthcare, pensions, etc are.


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                Thank you guys. Now I know everywhere is a right to work place and they can fire you for any reason. So as am employer what are you legally allowed to say when someone calls you for a reference?


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                  Originally posted by fireazm View Post
                  Thank you guys. Now I know everywhere is a right to work place and they can fire you for any reason. So as am employer what are you legally allowed to say when someone calls you for a reference?
                  Some places only confirm that they work there and dates.

                  BUT, We have our applicants sign away their life, SO we can see anything and everything,, If the employer will let us. Some do, some don't

                  Not sure on the legal side what they can or cannot say??


                  • #10
                    Thank you sir. I and maybe I sound naive but to me it's crazy for any dept who finds out someone is testing somewhere else to just say nope your fired.. or do I sound too nice?


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                      Originally posted by fireazm View Post
                      Thank you sir. I and maybe I sound naive but to me it's crazy for any dept who finds out someone is testing somewhere else to just say nope your fired.. or do I sound too nice?
                      To nice!!!

                      And not just fire departments, but any employer.

                      And especially if a firefighter is on probation!!!, Saw that happen before.

                      Depending on the department the hiring of someone takes time and money, and once hired costs more money to outfit them. So they kind of want a person to stick around.

                      Problem is as you see, there is always a dept with better benefits and pay,,,, Or a person wants their so called "Dream Department"



                      • #12
                        There's a reason you're the fourth firefighter this year in such as small dept. You certainly have decent reason to leave for a better opportunity for your family. Staying for one year may help bandaid a problem, but it doesn't help the long term needs, which likely require a better benefits package to attract more local personnel. That said, if you've left other jobs (not just firefighting) with little time, you may be showing a pattern, which is a red flag in most books.


                        • #13
                          rfda i was thinking the same thing to be honest and you all are right. i know firefighting is my 2nd family but my first family is obviously number 1. I need to do whats best for my family and like i said i might not get this new job i am sure there are other good canidates as well but the insurnace thing is a big deal to my wife and kids and i feel awful that i either mis understood or didnt hear the fact they dont give insurance to families just the firefighter


                          • #14
                            Been there

                            in job search more you do not always hear the goods and bads.

                            Sometimes you do not want to ask a lot of questions.

                            Sometimes they do not always tell you everything, for various reasons.

                            Good luck on the interview.

                            Practice!!!! Have someone ask you questions.

                            Record yourself

                            See what you sound like, any ahhhs, one sentence answers, or stuff that does not make any sense


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