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Electric company response.

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  • Electric company response.

    So today we had a semi rollover on a curve, and it took down a power pole. There was a wire down on the truck, and it showed hot with the AC detector. We were pretty sure the driver was deceased, so we weren't going to endanger anyone for a recovery, but there was a live dog in the cab obviously trapped and injured. First arriving companies called for the Electric Company who's lines it was to respond, but it took them over an hour an a half to get there, with an initial ETA given of 45 minutes. We have 4 different companies in our township. None of the others would respond to shut off the power to the responsible companies lines.
    What do power companies do in your areas when called for an emergency disconnect?? I hate to think of this guy being in there still alive and having to wait an hour and a half for the friggin' electric company to respond. Has anyone seen the utility company get an police escort? Do any of the companies in your areas have agreements to do emergency disconnects on other companies lines?
    I know a lot of linemen have been sent to Florida because of the Hurricane. But they work on other companies lines down there, why can't they do it here for emergencies?????

    BTW, the dog was extricated after about 2 hours, and put in the care of the dog warden, had a broken leg for sure, probably a lot of bruises too.

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    Our state is covered by just two power companies and we have a large division office in our industrial park. It's still 45 min. at night for us and Like over an hour to other places in our area. It depends on if anyone is already in service or where the "on-cal" lineman is and if they need to go from home to the office to get a boom truck or not. For human life critical situations there is a possibility the home office can shut down a section remotely, but while I've heard this called for, we've not done it where I work since I've been there.

    To your question, our area lineman are on-call at night when nothig else is going on, so like a volunteer firefighter they have to get the call, and likely respond to the main office to pick-up a boom truck. They typically are given a service pick-up when on-call so they can arrive, do their 'size-up" any isolation measures possible and then go get the needed equipment or call in more help.
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      Around here, it's a crap shoot. During the day, the response can be near immediate or lengthy, depending on where and what the crews are up to. We can usually count on a supervisor fairly quickly, though. It is sometimes possible for them to remotely kill a section, but not often.

      At night we have to wait for them to assemble a crew. I think they have an on-call system, but crew members may be coming in from all over the place as already noted. Then they have to figure out where they're going to cut the power.

      It's not just traffic incidents - tree/wire down calls and structure fires are often a problem. The on-call supervisor or troubleshooter can pull a meter, but other work requires a line crew, with the requisite wait.
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        We've also had to wait on a wires down call, but I've NEVER had to wait this long on a call were there was potentially a life at stake. I get it when there's a big storm and there's no life at stake. We're particularly ****ed that it took twice as long as we were originally told.
        First time I've ever been on a run where the helicopter had to go to a nearby airfield and refuel because they were running on the ground for so long.


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          In the area where my volley FD is the power company has a lineman living right in the area. He has a boom truck and even in the middle of the night his response time is usually less than a half an hour. He replaced a guy that lived in the neighboring town that was also a volunteer firefighter. he was really quick getting out to shut off the power.
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            Our main power provider for residences and business is great to work with. We also have high voltage lines that run through, transmitting power produced by windmills. That power supplier is great, too. The power providers all work together and if a crew shows up and it is not their line, they will deal with the problem. These power utilities work together, even better than the fire departments working together!

            During weekdays, it would depend on where the power crew is working, if we needed to call for their assistance. Problem is, I have had to call their 1-800 number to report outages and sometimes their dispatch did not answer. We generally know who is on the local crew and could try to call them at home or the section shop, if their dispatch would not answer.

            The one power utility, did give me a tour of their building. I stopped by, when a lineman was doing maintenance. Got to see the battery bank that is in the building. Nice to know that the batteries with their acid are there, in case we had to respond to that building.

            Usually, if I have any questions for a utility (power, natural gas, oil pipeline, water, telephone, etc.), I ask one of their maintenance personnel. They usually are stopping at convenience stores, etc. and are really friendly if you ask questions. The utilities want their personnel to have good public relations with the general public, etc.


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