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Fire House Alerting System Help

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  • Fire House Alerting System Help

    Forgive me if this have been answered or discussed elsewhere in the forums. We are looking for a way to alert the station to those needing help arriving at the outside of the station. We are experiencing an increase in citizens looking for walk in help. We have a bigger station and if they arrive during the night we run the risk of not hearing them. Do any firehouses out there have any alerting system that they can just push a button and alert the station crew or ring into dispatch. Looking for something a little bit beefier then a door bell. We've tried the door bell with no luck. Looking for something that cries out push me fir fire/ems emergencies. We don't have a gamewell boxes. We have two stations we would like to install these at. Thanks for any help and insight.

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    We have a vestibule with a direct line into the 911 center who alerts us of the situation "out front". Just a landline phone that direct dials when the handset is picked up. Alas, we get just as many people who hit the doorbell. Our newest doorbell system is wireless and has two speakers, one in "the house" one in the bays.

    Maybe 10 years ago a guy tried to commit suicide by cop out front in the street and touched off a 12 ga. and none of the duty shift heard it! Luckily the PD was able to talk him down and no firefighters beauty rest was disturbed.
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      We don't have that issue - nobody is in the house. There is a button outside that will sound the fire siren. It hasn't been used since a delivery fellow thought it was the way to contact the in-house staff. Did I mention we don't have in-house staff?

      If you can pull off the phone idea (there may be logistical/financial barriers) I think that would be the appropriate way to go. Our state police barracks used to be staffed - now there's just the phone in the vestibule that goes to the area headquarters, where there is someone to answer it.

      As for something beefier than a doorbell, perhaps you could repurpose one of the big square buttons like they use for handicapped doors. Get someone to powdercoat it red and label it plainly as to its purpose. How you make it ring into the station areas is up to you. Or perhaps a button such as is used for crosswalks. You might also consider an intercom, perhaps with video, to query the reason for the visit.
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        Couldn't you just add some additional louder bells/buzzers in strategic locations around quarters? Why complicate things with complex and/or expensive solutions?

        How many on duty in this large seemingly busy firehouse? Is it enough to rotate door and phone answering duty shifts?


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          We have red box with a phone next to a bay door and a sign at each outside door 'if you are in need of help, pick up the red phone at the front of the station to call the 911 center'. Makes no sense to come up with an elaborate tie-in with the alerting system when we have dispatchers whose job is to take those calls and alert the correct resources.


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            Door bells are great when you are just saying hi, lost and need directions, or want an impromptu tour of the station, but when you need help, the first call should be to dispatch. put a phone outside the front door that rings dispatch when picked up, with a big sign that says "in case on emergency, pick up phone."

            think of it this way: your crew is out of the station (house fire, medical assist, eating lunch, etc) , and someone needs help..... no fancy system that is ringing in the station is going to get the person the help they need. If the person needs help, dispatch has magic ways to notify everyone that a person needs assistance, regardless of how big the station is.
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