Hey All. I am currently on the job (12 years) in South Carolina . I received my ifsac FF 1 and 2 from North Carolina, but South Carolina is also an ifsac state, so I just got reciprocity for my SC certs. The way the academy was when I went through FF 1 and 2 in NC was, it was all individual classes. So say, fire behavior was one class this weekend, and maybe a week or so from that point, Id take another class. It wasnt just all one recruit school style classes. At the end of each chapter, I would take the chapter test. If I remember correctly, there was no final ff 1 test. As long as we passed each class, we got the final cert at the end. But this was 12 years ago, so I dont remember 100%. I dont recall ever taking a "final" ff 1 and 2 test.

The point of this post is, I am looking to relocate to Florida., I have been in contact with the fire state college in Ocala. After about 10 months going back and forth, I was finally given the "okay" to challenge the Florida state fire test. It would of been way easier and less painful to just get my teeth pulled!! But anyway, my question is, is the Florida state fire exam the same as the IFSAC fire test? Whats the best way to study. I'm not a huge book person, I could read something, but within an hour, I'm like.. what did I just read! The best method for me, would be like practice test questions. Ive seen online that there are apps you can download to study? Does anyone know which apps work the best for studying. Again, for those who have taken the Florida exam, would the ifsac study guide be the best thing to study? I'm trying to find the best way to study for the "whole final test" since I dont recall ever taking it in NC.

Thank you for your time, and any advise would be greatly appreciated