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Developing a Drivers Training Handbook

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  • Developing a Drivers Training Handbook

    Hi all, just looking for some input on a basic drivers training handbook I am trying to develop. Currently my department does not have any sort of handbook or set guide on the drivers training process at this time. More or less right now it's on you to learn everything then go to the chief to do a bumper to bumper test as well as hands on operation and driving. Currently I'm working on one for an engine company, including a basic overview of the truck, hose loads, pump terminology and components, basic pump operation, followed by a few charts for overview on nozzle GPMs and hose FL. I was also just starting to add some things on the driving aspect of it, seeing as all new operators start on the engine. Some have never driven anything bigger than a pickup so i think including highlights on the blind spots and things to keep in mind while driving.
    Been a diesel tech/ EVT mechanic for years so explaining the mechanical components is the easy part for me. Just looking to see what else I should add to benefit the members trying to step up to the next level.

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    I don't have anything to offer you right now - but we should have the same thing. The fire district has adopted a policy calling for EVOC, and the state pump course, among other things, but actually training a driver is still "local option..."

    I'd suggest looking outside the fire service for training programs, too. Some states/departments require a CDL to drive a fire truck, but many don't. Check with your insurance company, as well. Operating the apparatus, and knowing the tools it carries, are important to us, but driving one is little different than any large commercial vehicle, RLAS aside.

    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

    Everyone goes home. Safety begins with you.


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      These resources may help:





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        Start with the requirements that your state Dept. of Motor Vehicles has. Does your state require a CDL? Maybe, maybe not. You want to ensure the drivers are properly licensed for the type/weight of apparatus they will be driving.

        Next is your state motor vehicle and traffic regulations. I know of one state that requires emergency vehicles to have its siren on, when the emergency lights are used and the apparatus is moving. Your state probably has some requirements, that drivers need to know.

        Don't forget about apparatus positioning. Whether on the fire ground or on a public roadway, drivers need how to position the apparatus. Parking on a public roadway (interstate, etc.) for incidents (vehicle fires, etc.) is a chapter on its own, as incident scene safety is paramount.


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