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Vent Saw Mounting in Tower Bucket

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  • Vent Saw Mounting in Tower Bucket

    We recently added a Stihl vent saw to our tower's bucket. Issue we are having is that it is that it has to be mounted vertically and we now have bar oil dripping into the bucket and through onto the ground. We do not have space to mount horizontally and we want to have the saw in the bucket. Are there any suggestions or "fixes" out there to prevent or catch the oil? I will post pics when I download them. Thanks.

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    hazmat "diapers"


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      We have scabbards at the tips of our aerials that the saws slip into, but they are only used when raising or lowering. Typically they don't drip, or not enough to be noticeable. On our one truck that is a platform the crew will set them on the floor of the bucket if they need to. From what you are describing, it sounds like you want to have the saws mounted in the bucket area at all times? If so, that's not a great idea, IMO. Aside from the leaking oil, there's weather exposure, and the absolute beating they will probably take as the rig drives around. Find some compartment space.

      If I'm reading it wrong, and the saw is only mounted when the aerial is being raised or lowered, then the bar oil shouldn't be leaking to that extent.
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        I agree with sfd1992. What is the great advantage to having it permanently mounted there anyway? It can simply be placed on the floor of the bucket. It is not particularly heavy so grabbing it out of a compartment is not a big deal.
        By mounting it in the bucket are you solving a problem that doesn't really exist?


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          Originally posted by captnjak View Post
          By mounting it in the bucket are you solving a problem that doesn't really exist?
          I would opine that it would take a pretty busy truck company to warrant keeping the saw in the bucket. I"m talking workers virtually daily, and even multiple workers in a day.

          In addition to the other issues mentioned, if the saw won't be used daily, the equipment checks will involve retrieving the saw from the bucket each day/shift.

          If the saw simply has to be in the bucket, I suppose that a shock-resistant mount could be designed, and the dripping bar oil could also be dealt with via a small reservoir, which of course would have to be emptied periodically.

          Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

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            We used to leave a k-12 saw in our bucket. IIRC, we simply left it on the floor, with a rubber band with an S hook on each end.

            We also had other saws in compartments. As for why, It was there before I started with that department, and I'm sure it's still there now that I have left.
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              Let me add another component to this. The vast majority of the life of this saw it will sit in the bucket subjected to rain, snow, and other weather. Yeah, I know the saws are supposed to be designed for rough service but I don't believe that this is a good idea.

              Put it in its box, mounted on the turntable and take it to the platform when needed. Then it is readily available and kept in environmentally protected storage.
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