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NFPA 1582 medical requirements and OSHA 1910.134

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  • NFPA 1582 medical requirements and OSHA 1910.134

    I have been asked to help setting up a annual physical program for our volunteer department. I am in the information gathering process and of course I started with the standard itself. The standard is incredibly comprehensive and including everything in their 'space man physical' into the program would probably break the bank so I need to pare it back to something that is manageable. Of course there are some regulatory reqirements in OSHA 1910.134, but beyond that its NFPA 1582 just a standard and we are still free to manage the implementation it to fit our operation (we don't have any grant assurances influencing this).
    The standard with its all encompassing holistic approach makes a lot of sense if you are recruiting for a career department, it is a bit overkill for a volunteer organization where people contribute to the best of their ability. The program I am planning to propose to the chief is going to have to be somewhat slimmed down from all the things called out in 1582.

    If anyone here has information they are able to share, please let me know. What I am looking for are:

    - exam manuals / criteria to use for the medical providers
    - forms used for the physical
    - copies of RFPs used to get bids from occupational medicine providers
    - sample policies/SOPs on how to implement the program

    There are a two goals I am trying to accomplish:

    - reduce the risk to our members and citizens that rely on them

    at the same time

    - not pour out the baby with the bathwater and drive away capable members with an overly intrusive program

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    Our county self-insured department requires (and pays for) an entrance physical - but it serves more as a baseline than any sort of a fitness for duty test. To say that it's basic would be an understatement.

    Our interior firefighters undergo a respiratory physical annually, or as often as the physician is willing to require them to do so. It's not unusual to be cleared for two years. That includes spirometry and a mask fit test. Local occupational health outfits can do them.

    We should probably include periodic reviews for those members not involved directly with firefighting operations (scene support) - every volunteer department has them. This would help identify new issues they may have "acquired" since joining.

    Opinions my own. Standard disclaimers apply.

    Everyone goes home. Safety begins with you.


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      Originally posted by fire5555
      a little old, but might give you some ideas. They are supposed to have a good program::

      Thanks, that's the kind of stuff I am looking for. Looks like they decided to just hitch themselves to Montgomery county rather than designing their own ;-)

      I'll contact them and see if they are willing to share their current policy. A cursory search on the public portion of the county website came up empty.


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        Originally posted by fire5555

        I think Montgomery county is who I was trying to think of.

        Not into having to deal with setting up annual check ups,

        But you might do a multi year plan. Get the basics going, with the idea and plan to add more or delete as you go over the next 5-10 years.

        I think a base line med is essential

        It won't have to be the full up thing annually. Montgomery does something like treadmill every three years up to 40, every two up to 50 and annually thereafter.

        If you read 1582, they go really heavily into the cancer screening stuff. While I am all for catching things early, I am really not sure a physical required for a volunteer department is the right place to force people to get their mammograms or prostate checks. My suggestion is going to provide every member with the relevant information about increased cancer risks but leave it between them and their personal physician to perform any specific screening (mammo, pap-smear, lung cancer screening, prostate screening etc.)

        As for the OSHA 1910.134 compliance, as far as I can tell that is a questionnaire up front and the occ-health provider has to give a recommendation based on the questionnaire. If there are any 'yes' answers, the 'employee' has to be further evaluated before the recommendation is issued.


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