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Application testing

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  • Application testing

    Hello everyone this is my first post but I've been following the forums for awhile now, I'll give you a small background on myself and then proceed with my intial question. I'm 31yrs old and I've been volunteer since I was 13yrs old I have many certifications in vehicle rescue, fire dynamics, essentials, hazmat operations FF1 and other various ones for the state of Pennsylvania.

    I think I'm missing my true purpose in this life and I want to finally pursue a career with a paid department. I know the competition is stiff but I just wanted to know what kind of test are applicants generally given prior to being accepted for the physical test. Is there a way that I could study up on some areas that these tests focus on to help my odds? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You in advanced

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    Honestly it depends on the department. I have tested places where the test was a standardized test where they are math and English questions, questions of choosing the best anf fastest route using supplied maps, mechanical type questions with pictures of gears and how they interact, spacial questions where you are given pictures and determine which are similar and which fir together. For those tests there is really no clear way to study.

    I have taken tests where the testing department sold you a study guide and the test came from that study guide. All fire and ems related questions. You needed the study guide and to essentially free your mind and use only the answers given in the study guide.

    I have also taken tests where it was specific to the department, like for a civilian job at a military crash fire rescue department at an airport. No study guide was given but I knew from talking to others that much of the test came from the IFSTA air port firefighter manual and the USAF's 5 Level Training Program.

    Find out what the department you are testing for uses as a basis for their test and work from there.

    Good luck!!
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      Originally posted by fire5555
      Another suggestion is apply and test everywhere and anywhere

      Do not limit yourself to a few departments.

      This will also expose you to different tests and how to take them

      check this site

      Thank you guys I'll check this site out I know Charleston SC is hiring a good bit this coming year I know the test means more than you're credentials so I'm just trying to prepare myself to be the best I can be


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        Originally posted by Bguminey View Post
        I have many certifications in vehicle rescue, fire dynamics, essentials, hazmat operations FF1 and other various ones for the state of Pennsylvania.

        I just wanted to know what kind of test are applicants generally given prior to being accepted for the physical test.
        You need to contact the Dept for which you intend to test for. Many depts have different prerequisites and test in different methods.

        And then there are departments who could absolutely care less how many certs you have, they do not mean a thing and give you no preference whatsoever.

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