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Firehouse Dog Rules

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  • tree68
    Is the pup amenable to learning some tricks? Great way to get to the kids if they see it "feel the door," Stop, Drop, and Roll, and stuff like that.

    I recall reading an article in FH some years back about mascots. One Chicago station had a dog that seemed prescient - it would be headed for the truck before the firefighters knew they had an alarm. Turned out the dog was hearing the "pop" when dispatch opened the house speaker to make a dispatch and had learned that meant they were going out...

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  • FDNY1988
    We do have a board that lists feedings and walks. Ive been a dog guy for 50 years. No way she will be over fed. However great point and something that needs to be looked at.

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  • FDNY1988
    Thanks for the great info,

    Both Capt's are good. We have so mane young FF's that the dog is walked more than enough.

    I do like your comment on visitors. Definitely a concern however in this case she's pretty good. I worked in a rescue for a few years and have an idea on how dogs react.

    So...if your FH could/would take in a dog would you consider it? There are so many dogs in need after all these storms. We (Firefighters) get what life is about. We (I) want to do what I can to help. Would you foster or care for a stranded dog if yo could?

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  • FWDbuff
    I assume the Captain is OK with it? Are you in an Engine/Truck House? Is the Captain of the other company ok with it? And don't forget to run it past the Bn Chief's office if there is a Bn in your firehouse, too.

    One common problem in many career houses is overfeeding of the dogs and confusion of responsibilities. Come up with a schedule pursuant to the breed's requirements (1x per day, 2x per day, whatever) and make it a responsibility of whoever is on watch at that time (example "3pm-6pm watch feed the dog at 1800 when coming off watch."
    Or "ECC feeds the dog at 0930 when complete rig checks."

    Then everyone has to come to a consensus and agreement of limits- will the dog have free roam of the entire house or will the bunkroom or other areas be off limits? Just things for you to think about.

    And yes, visitors to quarters are always a concern. Make sure someone has the dog under control at all times if his behavior is questionable or he is territorial. About 25 years ago, Philly R1 had a dalmatian that took a bite out of a Bn Chief. That was the end of dogs in the PFD.

    Dogs in a firehouse can be a good thing or a bad thing, just like anything else it's all on how he is treated and everyone needs to mind the rules.

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  • FDNY1988
    started a topic Firehouse Dog Rules

    Firehouse Dog Rules

    We just took "ownership" of a dog at the firehouse. The dogs original owner passed away. The dog is great. Loves everyone. We took him to a local vet who updated her shots and fixed her for free. So now we have an official FH Dog.

    Questions I have for you is....does your Department have rules for/against having a dog at the Firehouse? Would you consider having a dog? I'm in the FDNY so we always have people in the FH. so there is always someone there to care for her.

    I love going to work and being greeted by our new dog. Just looking for opinions on the subject.

    FDNY 1988

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