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Does anyone else want fire police to stay home?

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  • Does anyone else want fire police to stay home?

    I'm having trouble with some bored and over zealous fire police at my station. just looking for some good fire police stories.

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    Gotta love when they are yelling at firemen who are LEGALLY parking there cars at a working structure fire scene out of the way in a regular parking spot... just because they drove past the firepolice car...Even though those guys were Essential on the scene..they still whined... Sometimes they have there purposes...but most of the time they make a big deal out of everything....Perfect example today....shut down a whole pretty major road just because we had a small incident taking place a few blocks up..and units were clearing...he was to busy BSING with some neighbors and had to wait 2 minutes before he realized he had 2 trucks waiting to return to their stations.I mean sure.. They have a purpose on Major incidents...but sometimes they take there job to seriously...Like i said yelling at members tryin to get to there trucks on working incidents.. Yell at the onlookers or news reporters ducking under the yellow tape and trying to get a closer look...not the members who are trying to get there to help..

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      I recently went on vacation and spent a week with my parents in western PA. Dad serves on the VFD in his town. They have an active Fire Police unit. He tried to explain the concept to me, and I thought I got a good understanding.

      Then there was a 7 alarm fire in the downtown area. I saw the Fire Police in action first hand. I was truely impressed. I found myself jealous, as since I work on a paid FD we have no Fire Police.

      We're lucky to get regular police to show up and help!

      I atteneded several other alarms, fires and wrecks mainly, and Fire Police showed up on every one. It's a good thing, too, as the regular PD didn't do much, even at the wrecks, except bust people's chops.

      So, perhaps in your area (Where is your area, anyways? It isn't in your profile.) there may be Fire Police problems, but from what I witnessed, I am in favor of the program and wish there was a way to implement it here!

      Stay safe out there!


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        Hey Metro... Maybe there is a way to implement the Fire Police here in Missouri... I can see as to how they could be useful to us... Why not send out a list to the local law enforcment agencies with the request for off duty police officers to volunteer some of there time as Fire Police... We could get it started by Making a list of willing participants and use maybe five or six a day... We could give them fire deparment vehicles to use as take home vehicles for the 24 hour shift they would work. We could offer them a little bit of extra money like $50 dollars a day or something... I'm sure some of the officers that are in and around Metro KC would willingly offer there time for a couple of extra bucks... I'll type more later... I gotta split for now... I'll keep the idea storming in the brain...
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          I had never heard of fire police before this.

          And if they are anything like our PD they would be in the way.

          Just a thought fire extinguishers should not be allowed in the hands of the following:

          Anybody that is not a firefighter, especially police. They take all of our fun.
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            Fire Police are a necessity in the burbs, where smaller police forces are the norm.

            Look, I'm not kissing up to the fire police (yeah, they can be annoying sometimes, and I'm sure a lot of people have stories...), but it's a good thing to have people who are solely dedicated to directing traffic around, and bystanders at a safe distance from a scene.

            They make it a little easier to do our jobs. I like the concept.
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              I worked for a suburban/rural Fire Protection District (all vollie). I can remember a few times where they would have been useful (lookie-lous at house fire in a big neighborhood and fire in an auto body shop on the main hwy, people kept running over our LDH .

              We never had them. If we'd asked for them, we'd probably have gotten a bunch of whackers, but who knows....

              I can sypathize with all the guys talking about slow PD response - in the town, we'd get PD fast, usually beat us there. In the county, we could wait up to an hour for a sheriff or trooper, then we'd get one!!! just to do the accident investigation. None of them even knew what "traffic control" was!

              There was one time that we had a major brush fire and had to close the highway. We asked the sheriff for help. They called up their "reserve deputies". We got a bunch of guys in overalls (farmers) with their coon hounds (Penitentiary nearby - their usual job is escapee searches). Needless to say, it didn't work very well.

              Now, if they had worked for us - and been TRAINED? Who knows.


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                Our Fire Police are great. They do their job, don't interfere with what we are doing, and keep the public out of unsafe areas around the scene. The cops certainly don't help us much with this stuff..so the Fire Police do it. Never had an issue, doubt I ever will. But regardless of whether I ever do or not, I still feel for the most part that they are a good idea to have at the scene. One less thing for me to do. Besides directing traffic is annoying and boring..I would much rather be playing with the hoses and the fire.
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                  fire police stay home...hmmm, lets think about this one...I know where i am the cops are few and far between, and the last thing they wanna do is sit and direct traffic...so if they arent going to do it...who is? THE FIRE POLICE..but then some of u say u want them to stay home...So what are u going to do? Use your crew memembers? U send them on a traffic detail everytime u get a call, u arent going to have memembers that come around anymore....your other option is to put no one down there, let the traffic come thru and have a true cluster f*@k...common guys think about some of these comments, u have people that would love to help you out and you are not wantig there help...your only gonna hurt yourself or someone
                  stay safe...


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