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Atten NJ Fire Inspectors and Officials

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  • Atten NJ Fire Inspectors and Officials

    I have a situation and would like the input of other inspectors and officials!

    A business owner has a sign in front of his building, this sign is electric and lights up. From inside the building they run an extension cord under a big yellow extension cord under a door and out to this sign. A complaint was made at the Borough Hall and turned over to the Fire Prevention Bureau for action. I go out and sure enough the situation exists. A violation is written, the violation along with order to correct and appeal rights are given and signed for by an employee. (The employee was over the age of 15) Time given to correct the violation was 30 days, the situation was corrected in less time with electric ran out to the sign. This occured without the proper construction permits as far as I know. Also, keep in mind this location already had its annual inspection and extension cords were written and removed outside prior to the situation at hand. The cords were not to the sign.

    Now, this business owner stated if he had signed for the paperwork it would have been appealed. Furthermore, just last night complaints were made to my council rep who oversees my office about this situation by management people from this business. The business owner and management persons claim that under the NJ Fire Code I cant write a violation for the cord until it has existed for 30 days, then I have to give 30 days to correct it.

    I feel I did my job correctly and stand behind my violation. Please, any NJ Fire Inpectors or Officials reply to this post and give me your opinion. If possible put your name in the poster field, I will print these and give them to my council rep to justify my action. Thanks in advance.

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    To the best of my knowledge, you can write a violation if it has existed for only 15 minutes... it's not the length of time, it's the fact it exists at the time you make the inspection. I wouldn't write the new violation if I was doing a reinspection and found it; I would just point it out and ask them to repair, but if it was your annual, there should be no problem.

    I suggest you contact DFS to clarify, though, but as far as I can tell, you were correct.
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      I don't mean to steal anyone's thunder...but could you all PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to my forum called "PLEASE READ ....IT COULD MEAN THE WORLD TO A FALLEN FFs CHILD" and take a minute out of your day to help send your love to a child or family of a fallen FF, Police Officer, or Rescue Worker in NYC. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!
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