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first injury on a fire scene

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  • first injury on a fire scene

    hey all i got hurt for thr first timr today on a fire scene
    anyone out there care to share horror stories
    2197 10-8<br />stay safe have fun stay healthy<br />
    nc firefighter/emt-d

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    Had a house fire out in the county once when I was on a combo department. It had burned all night, and I went back out with a couple of other guys the next morning to push over a couple of walls into the basement that we had managed to save (total loss). Apparently, the owner had a considerable amount of guns and ammunition in the house, because rounds were going off during the fire. When we went back everything had calmed down and we were just wearing our bunker pants, gloves, and helmet (I know, I know) cooling down some hot spots. As I was standing there, another round went off VERY close to me, and I felt something hit me in the chest. Several very bad thoughts went through my head as I tried to pull my shirt up as I was getting the heck away from what used to be the house. All I had was a serious welt right in the center of my chest. Best we could figure, I got hit by a .22 casing. Not exactly an injury, but it made me realize a danger to fighting house fires I had never considered.

    Needless to say, we didn't spend a whole lot more time on that one. The whole fire was bad. One of our captains broke his finger when a piece of rock wall fell on his hand, and the Chief's helmet got run over by a mutual aid tanker because it was lying on the ground instead of on th Chief's head.

    Bad Karma all the way around.
    Bryan Beall
    Silver City, Oklahoma USA


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      Guess I have been lucky....
      ALL of my injuries have been minor, and ALL of them have been preventable I'm sure.
      I learned:

      Don't wipe around your eyes with your gloves on unless you want what is on the gloves to be in your eyes..(grit, roofing type)

      Don't "straight-stream" a structural support that was recently on fire unless you want to parts of a wall to fall on you..(8X8, barn, broke, exterior attack luckily)

      Don't forget to look at the ground you are walking all over, once in a while at least, unless you want to step into a hole and disappear from sight...(even IF the rest of the department gets a great laugh, you STILL hurt!)

      Watch out for falling ceiling fans.....

      Watch out for rooks that don't quite have nozzle control established.....

      Watch out for GLASS at MVA's, it's everywhere..

      I could go on, but what I'm trying to get across is: No matter how LONG you've been doing this---pay attention! This goes a long way towards preventing injury.

      Oklahoma Bound!


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        Interesting injuries, fortunately none to the level of a doctor's visit (although nowdays, the Chief *would* make you go to the ER, in his car, no choice...)

        Twice Hurst Tool fluid in the eyes. And that was with the Shield *down*. Lesson: Try to wear googles now.

        Once, Engine laying a 5" line from a fully involved structure started dragging the line. I grabbed the Captain as he went down, the line then took me down, and we all hung off my one hand grabbing the chrome rail at the back of the attack engine -- which pulled out my shoulder. Stunk having to watch the rest of the fire from the Lame & Disabled area. Lesson: Get the hell away from hose that's moving.

        Fully involved barn fire, long response & high fire load. I'm washing mom's car, no bunkers with me. I grab a pump op's gear who I knew was out of town -- and this was in the days before everyone had bunkers so it was 3/4 boots and I had shorts on. Ah, I'll play it safe -- I'll take the tip and work the ladder pipe. No embers will burn me there. I left the fire with the equivelant of a good sunburn on my legs from radiant heat. Lesson: Wear bunkers if one has shorts on. No place is safe for shorts & 3/4s!
        IACOJ Canine Officer


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          Each injury that you live through is a lesson learned, and I've learned a lot of lessons, LOL


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            Not anything major...but I still get flack for it.

            My friends always give me a hard time about holding in my sneezes (my dad always made a big production when he sneezed, and I vowed never to do so.)

            One early morning at a call, I was helping to raise a ladder. I was in an airpack and everything. I had to sneeze - and held it in.

            With all the extra weight I was carrying, I pulled what felt like every muscle in my back. I hurt for a week!
            We're all in this together. FDNY 9-11-01


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              i feel like a idoit for doing what i did
              fully involved aparment building o6:30 found out today arson
              takeing dump tube out of the rear comp on the tanker and lost grip hand went full force into frame edge strained wrist
              2197 10-8<br />stay safe have fun stay healthy<br />
              nc firefighter/emt-d


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                Ahhhh, the silly things we do.....
                Got blown off of a ladder and wrenched my knee a bit.
                And, while escorting some of our bovine friends out of a barn fire, got stepped on. Stinkin thing missed my steel toe and caught the top of my foot. Good bruise, no broken bones.
                I know an idiot that stuck his face over a chimney once during a chimney fire. And no, he didn't have a facepiece on. Need I say more?

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                Take care, stay safe, & stay low!



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                  Let's see first burn was during a training burn. I was on the nozzle and some roof tar dripped down on the arm of my coat and glove. It got down between the cuff of the coat and the wristlet of the glove (not sure how)and burnt my wrist and nice coat of tar on my watch. The worst part was it was just before the last fire before letting it go and thanks to my LT. who rapped it up with a whole roll of kerlex, I couldn't get my coat on to go in.
                  The second time was during an apartment fire, I was on the nozzle we went to enter the apartment just as the rear patio door let loose and all the heat got pushed our way. The wristlet on my glove was partially torn and the heat got in and burnt my wrist (same wrist,same area)and along the way of trying to continue make entry a space between my hood and mask gave me a minor burn on my face also. We now like many departments have the wristlets in our turnout coats, some of the guys around the dept. have named them after me...
                  Stay Safe & Bring 'em Home!
                  Eddie C.
                  I.A.F.F. Local 3008

                  "Doin' it for lives n' property"

                  ** "The comments made here are this person's views and not that of the organizations to which I am affiliated" **


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                    The first time I got hurt I was sick. I was in full gear and "on air" when I looked my chief right in the eye and then keeled over and passed out. He caught me and pulled my gear off and next thing I knew I was on my way to the hospital with a huge dose of humiliation. The second time I got hurt was during training with my other fire department. That was in May. My fire partner didn't know where I was and he hauled me down a flight of stairs via the charged hose I had slung over my shoulders. I tore muscles in my back and screwed my knee up so bad that I may need an operation to fix it! God only knows when I'll be back on duty. Being injured is the pits!!!
                    Probie Name: HurryUpMichelle!!


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                      Here's a couple of mine:

                      In 1969 two firefighters and I were riding the back step to a car fire when the right rear axle and wheels of the fire engine came out of the housing and struck a parked car. We were propelled into the air and onto the street. I broke ribs, collar bone, and had a headache for weeks.

                      In 1970 I was on an ambulance call and when I moved some trash cans to make room for the stretcher I was scratched and bit by a rat.

                      In 1971 even with flaps down and collar up a big wad of burning paint fell from the ceiling at a row house fire and burned my neck.

                      In 1973 a pipe carrying hot garlic sauce burst at an Italian food plant fire burning my neck and back.

                      In 1977 a car battery exploded and left several dime sized acid scars on my legs.

                      In 1979 we forced entry into a burning auto parts warehouse and I was bit on face by guard dogs.

                      In 1985 I slipped on ice and slammed my chin on running board. Lost 3 teeth and got 28 stitches to fix lips.

                      Also in 1985 I was stuck by car driven by elderly 80 plus handicapped man on his way to buy Lottery tickets and visit his "Lady Friend" - just bruised. Driver only stopped after my helmet cracked his windshield. He claims he did not see fire engine or the police cars or the working car fire. He never said 'sorry' or inquired into my status. He did not receive any summons either.

                      In 1989 thought I brought the farm when a suspended ceiling fell trapping me and my partner, but we were pulled out, and only suffered mild smoke inhalation, but ambulance crew rolled my stretcher and my head into the bumper of ambulance - 10 stitches.

                      In 1991 I was stabbed in arm and face by crazed hotel guest while working 3 rooms he set fire to - 48 stitches.

                      In 1994 I was stuck by car driven by elderly 91 year old man also on his way to buy Lottery tickets. Was knocked cold. No injuries, but EMS cut clothes away and police took photos. Pride hurt. Judge took man's driving privleges away.

                      Last year I fell when the steps of an old fire escape held together by paint and rust broke and I very severely twisted ankle.

                      This year I broke 2 toes when a joker tossed a hydrant wrench at me in the dark.


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