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Goggles or face shields???

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    I personally love my goggles and wouldn't change them for the world. After 1 or 2 fires the shield I had became practically useless. The goggles are lighter, they increase visibility, offer better protection. If you have a problem with them fogging you can use an antifog spray and they will clear right up. So far I have switched from rubber boots to leather and love it. I have switched from shields to goggles and love it. No I just have to get the money for my leather helmet and I will be in heaven.
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      We went to goggles some time ago after 2 of our guys got hydraulic fluid in their eyes when an extrication tool line burst. They were using shields at the time.
      We wear the goggles anytime we use or test equipment - from portable generators to extrication tools to chainsaws.
      Personally, I hate 'em, but that's because I wear glasses and my glasses fog up, no matter what solution I put on them. But I'll continue to wear the goggles because that's our SOP, and because they are more effective.
      Hey, stay safe.


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        <<.......Once again, this oulines the eye protection standards. it quotes NFPA and ANSI standards.
        Sheilds bad.....goggles good>>

        I would strongly suggest you check with your local OSHA office.

        If you are in a state plan state then check with your state OSHA office.

        NFPA and ANSI standards not withstanding you have to deal with OSHA

        NFPA - possible problem
        Take your pick

        Also, please remember that you have to protect yourself from the hazard. Shields alone do not work during extrication and are usually not accepted. Goggles do not work with full face SCBA's. Face Shields "Usually" do.

        Have a safe day


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          Don't OSHA standards for eye protection referrence NFPA and ANSI standards as legally enforceable minimum standards?

          I'm not sure I understand questioning the use of goggles with an SCBA. When would you wear goggles over an SCBA facepiece, as you would with a shield.

          Goggles are recognized as the "Primary Eye Protection" by the above standards institutions.

          The only way you can use a shield is if you have a pair of goggles on underneath, or safety glasses.

          Are there states that really come around and check what eye protection the firefighters are wearing, or do they just show up after an incident?

          Remember, standards or no standards, your personal safety responsibility lies with you, not someone at a standards think tank. You can't honestly believe shields give you adequate eye protection. If your Chief does, he is probably worried about the cost of goggles.

          Buy a pair, use them , remove your shiled if you wish, or keep it on for secondary protection. They are your eyes, do what you must to convince the powers that be to let you protect them.


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            And no matter which you choose,in another 6 mos. to a year the rules will change again and whatever is legal now will be illegal then.The cycle repeats infitium nauseaum.Eventually the Gov. may figure out that they can't protect everyone from everything,and a little common sense may again take control!Oh Gonzo,a drum roll please.T.C.


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              Goggles are great for extrication, brush calls, and overhaul. For extrication, they completely cover your eyes, where stuff can bounce up under a shield. For brush and overhaul, they keep the smoke out of your eyes, making working much easier. The ESS goggle is well ventilated so it doesn't fog up easily, and will fit over prescription glasses. I store mine on the back of my helmet, and took an old hood and made a cover for them to protect them in a structure fire.

              Oh, and the ESS lens is easily replaceable if necessary.

              Helmets with goggles are usually at least OSHA approved, and thus acceptable in NJ. My station does not accept Bourke eyeshields as approved eye protection, so if we have them, we also need to have the goggles or safety glasses.

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              My views are, of course, mine alone, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of my station

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                  We are going through this change at our department and I don't like the goggles. I would recommend that you try use them, but let the switch be on a person-by-person basis. I was told that if my shield melted that I would be responsible for its' replacement, not the Dept. Good Luck!


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                    I found out today that they do in fact melt / warp in a decent fire.

                    I retract my earlier statement.

                    I was told that if my shield melted that I would be responsible for its' replacement, not the Dept. Good Luck!

                    Geeze, I like that management style, threaten the FF's with financial burden.
                    I bet that Chief has black rimmed glasses and a crew cut.


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