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    Can you gys help me ouut on some training ideas? Keep in mind that all we have is 3 engines, a tanker, a rescue, and a grass truck! I need a lot of i deas so i can present tham to the training officer. We're just looking for something new. thanks!

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    Something that is often under utilized on the fire scene is ground ladders. You could train on ladder rescues, operating a hoseline from a ladder, and working off of and ascending & descending with tools. Check out the IFSTA Ground Ladder manual. Good Luck, and I hope this helps.


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      Pump training- (rather than being a "button pusher and a lever puller") understanding how one works, its limitations and standard operating guidelines.

      Truck driving- The IFSTA book on truck driving will give you the proper coarses on what needs to be trained. I understood that this is a mandatory coarse that needs to be done once a year.

      Search and rescue in a maze at your "local dance hall" using their tables.

      Extrication at your local auto salvage yard. Have them "set up" or stage the incident using their payloader or what ever they use to stack the cars with and smash them into eachother.

      Hydrant hooking- Have one of the officers give each driver an address in the community and go to the proper hydrant and hook it. (more for the probie)

      Practice pump relay- Could do this as a part of pumping

      Use the foam unit and practice with it. We use Dawn dishwashing detergent and water for our "practice" foam.

      Knot tying- (when you have crappy weather)

      Any videos- (another crappy weather training class)

      We take advantage of the state's (Iowa) new burn trailer units. Anything the state or state college has to offer, have them come and teach or get some information from them, they will be glad to help!!!!

      Good luck and keep training!!!!!


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        Ummm, did you try downloading any of the drills from THIS site? There are a lot of good ones. Also, what do you use for training currently? You can do ladder drills at the local school (ladder roof, VES, rescue and removal down ladders), FAST/RIT drills, evacuation and bailout (with properly trained and supervised people), hose drills using the barrel, keg or ball, various refreshers, ie: haz-mat, first-aid, communications, etc.


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          Try to incorporate airpacks with other things since interior personell need to train every quarter with one.

          1 Airpack maze, ladder training with airpacks, speedy time trials"don and doff"

          2. Any tools or eqiupment that you never use, take it off the truck and use it

          3. get old pallets ,plywood and some shingles biuld a vent trainer and use it

          4. foam training- use car wash soap diluted with water and practice foam ops

          5. water supply- tanker shuttles,pumper relays,hydrant drills etc

          6. MVA- get old cars ,cut them up and the next week burn the=m for car fire training

          7. Go to your local dealer or mutial aid company borrow different nozzles and and tools let the boys play with demo toys

          8. Bad Weather- borrow training vidios and make sure everyone knows where tools are kept on the rigs, always have people who move things from call to call
          May we ride into the darkness only to return as safe as we started!!


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            Rural hitches. Practice them often if you have a rural response area, because every one is going to be different than the last one. The more different senarios you practice the better prepared you are when you come upon a like situation. Practice your knots and ropes because we tend to forget what we don't often use, if you practice them enough you may even remember them when you most need them.

            Train safe Work safe Play safe


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              Pumping is essential, portable pumps for water relys(from pools, ponds, streams) see what you can flow is it adaquate. Preplanning is you or a neighboring department has schools, industry, and or a business, district. To the previous reply, good idea with soap for foam, very cost effective. Firefighter Survival is a very good class. Also don't forget packing hose, nobody likes to do so they so conviently forget!!!!!


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