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  • John King
    I noticed that thunter 16148 recieved notivication that they would be recieving a grant in the PPE catagory. Congrats., but this now has me a little worried about our Dept. This catagory is the most important one to us. Although our requested amount is not as large as "thunter 16148" grant, it is what we need to outfit the 63% of our volunteers who do not have any turnout gear. As of today, I haven't recieved a letter or phone call. However; I still have my fingers crossed. Even though they're very tired by now.
    Our tax base is very limited here. We were happy to have our budget increased from $2,000/yr to $4,000/yr. That got us a couple sets of turnouts. I thought that that we proved our need pretty darn well. The citizens here are already paying through the nose on mill levies for improvements to the school district, water and sewer sytems, to ask for another mill increase would be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. I don't believe that the Feds should be solely funding Depts., and this grant is very much needed all across the country. All we hope for is a fair shot at chance to greatly improve the safety of the volunteers on the dept. This could do that in one application what would otherwise take us ten years to accomplish. That, I feel is what this grant is suppose to do, whether it does is still to be seen. One thing I am sure of is, that if we get approved, the safety of 63% of our vol. firefighters will greatly improve.
    These are just my thoughts and in no reflect the views of any one organization.

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  • Trkco1
    Here's to the people that think they have the need.

    If your local goverment had collected the proper tax monies, Your problems would be solved.

    Don't reach into my pockets for your local problems. I view this as a donation without the write off.

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  • Slay
    .... you don't have the same need as we do. I don't know what your need is. All I know is our need is great and we didn't get the money we needed....

    Shall we compare? Lucky huh? Prove your need, we did. Let's compare.

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  • no_name_FF
    Let me correct my numbers now that I know how to cut and paste....

    Vehicles 13.1 million of 15 million
    Unknown award for $22,000
    Training 4.8 million of 6.5 million Fire Prevention 363,000 of twelve million

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  • no_name_FF
    Not all of the vehicle money has been given out.....

    Vehicles 7.7 million of 15 million
    Unknown award for $95,000
    Training 9.7 million of 6.5 million ???
    Fire Prevention 872,000 of twelve million

    according to FEMA's website

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  • hctrouble25
    Hey play...I guess you are an expert on what every other department out there needs huh? Good for you! NOT! Please, 90K is a lot of money for a truck, and you should be grateful, but please don't put the rest of down for being upset that we didn't get any money. You got lucky is all. Next year the roles might be reversed and I am sure you wouldn't want us to tell you to stop bitching cause you don't have the same need as we do. I don't know what your need is. All I know is our need is great and we didn't get the money we needed. So yea some of us are expressing our disatisfaction. Deal with it man.

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  • Dalmatian90
    Actually, that's Mass with Prop 2-1/2 restrictions.

    I'm in Connecticut were the laws are much saner, and give voters at Town Meeting in most cases the final say on a single budget general & school budget. Even if the Meeting is adjourned to a Referendum, it's still a simple majority.

    While budgets can't grow quickly, naturally confined by increases in assesments and income growth (can't pay what you don't have), at least a simple majority can decide year to year what's best for it's own community right now. And while I favor doing away with annual budgets and moving to Two or Three year budgets to reduce the annual waste of time in budget battles, it's not fair either to hamstring a community of today with what the community of 10 or 20 years ago thought was proper, or even to restrict one community because of the indiscretions of another (like 2-1/2).

    Imagine how much easier local gov't could work if you only fought budget battles for six months out of 36...instead of today's six months out of 12? How many other non-budget planning details Department heads & managers could focus on fixing?

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  • RJE
    Poor Dal, only 2.5% (automatic?) increase per year w/o a referendum. But it sounds like you're not even getting that?

    Where I grew up, it took a 60% vote (super-majority) to pass any tax increase. And the county couldn't "deficit spend". So you asked for a millage for the FD (when I left in 1987 it was 22, total about 1100, 750 of which when to schools) and if it passed, that was all you got, year after year, unless you passed another mill increase.

    But here's the fun part. In the 70's this was a very under-developed area. In the 80's, the county DECREASED the prop. tax millage across the board. They also passed a 5 yr. 1/2 rate for new businesses. (If you start a new company and base it in that county, you pay 1/2 the mill rate for the first 5 years).

    And the result? Population doubled between 1980 and '85, again in '92, again in '96, and yet again in 2000. Number of businesses exploded even more. Last time I visited my Dad, I didn't recognize the place. I'm talking like one street where we used to go have bonfires/parties in '80 (farmland, basically abandoned) is now a 4 lane each way, lined w/5 to 10 story office complexes.

    The tax break (the 5 yr. 1/2 rate thing) is't there anymore - but the county is still the fastest growing one in MO. And the FD's budget has kept up with the increased demands right along with it. Without a millage increase since they became a tax-funded fire protection district in 1977.

    Where I live now, on the other hand.....

    Every year the Mayor says "lets revitalize the downtown business district! We'll build a new convention center. Okay everyone, let's all contribute" (note the wording here) " an additional 1 cent via the sales tax." Thank god for term limits!

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  • Slay
    All the apparatus money is gone now. We asked for 90K, we got it and we certainly had more need for it than most of the folks bitching on line about the folks getting grants.

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  • thunter16148
    I have to agree that there looks to be some partiality there.I am on a small OHIO volunteer dept. and just got word today that we are receiving $49,000 for PPE.My only advice to you is just keep your head up because there is still hope.We pretty much figured we wasn't going to get any money either so this was a shock to all of us.

    Stay safe and hopeful as well.

    come check us out www.geocities.com/oakwood_vfd

    [ 08-09-2001: Message edited by: thunter16148 ]

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  • bjlf
    This is not meant to begrudge anyone for there award, but asking for $300,000.00+ for a Class A Pumper sounds extreme to me. We applied for a new truck,Have not been declined yet) but we feel we can get a fully loaded truck for $150,00.00. These high dollar trucks while great to have could have maybe be 150 to 200 G's and would have let more departments benefit from the grants.

    Just my opinion.

    Has any one heard what the catagories will be for next year?

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  • no_name_FF
    Some stats as of today

    # TOTAL $ % OF $
    DE 1 $7,350.00 0.04%
    NJ 3 $18,131.00 0.10%
    RI 1 $29,514.00 0.16%
    UT 3 $35,011.00 0.19%
    MD 1 $59,850.00 0.33%
    ND 1 $67,500.00 0.37%
    VT 1 $90,000.00 0.49%
    NV 2 $97,839.00 0.53%
    CO 2 $116,865.00 0.64%
    SD 2 $153,540.00 0.84%
    WV 3 $154,180.48 0.84%
    WY 2 $163,800.00 0.89%
    AR 9 $168,848.00 0.92%
    AZ 5 $173,413.00 0.95%
    ID 3 $176,850.00 0.97%
    VA 2 $184,000.00 1.00%
    PA 5 $193,701.00 1.06%
    NH 3 $203,092.00 1.11%
    TN 7 $216,129.00 1.18%
    NE 2 $222,300.00 1.21%
    VI 1 $241,780.00 1.32%
    IA 6 $243,582.00 1.33%
    MT 3 $245,559.00 1.34%
    CT 6 $295,020.00 1.61%
    OR 11 $310,352.00 1.69%
    NM 7 $327,995.00 1.79%
    LA 9 $362,152.00 1.98%
    AL 6 $364,838.00 1.99%
    MN 7 $371,574.00 2.03%
    WI 8 $375,380.00 2.05%
    OK 8 $384,808.00 2.10%
    KS 6 $387,417.00 2.12%
    NY 11 $423,023.00 2.31%
    MI 9 $451,952.00 2.47%
    SC 8 $457,674.00 2.50%
    MA 6 $462,224.00 2.52%
    MS 6 $469,247.00 2.56%
    FL 9 $470,740.00 2.57%
    AK 3 $485,935.00 2.65%
    IL 8 $530,635.00 2.90%
    NC 5 $531,279.00 2.90%
    WA 9 $536,117.00 2.93%
    KY 12 $628,168.00 3.43%
    ME 6 $628,967.57 3.43%
    OH 9 $659,132.00 3.60%
    IN 13 $666,470.00 3.64%
    MO 6 $741,497.00 4.05%
    GA 11 $883,391.00 4.82%
    TX 17 $959,937.00 5.24%
    CA 24 $1,888,391.00 10.31%
    243 $18,317,150.05 100%

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  • huff317
    WE didn't get any, "sniff"/"sob", well maybe next time......

    Of course, maybe pigs will fly too!

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  • hctrouble25
    Sorry Dalmation...wasn't meaning to shout...just trying to differentiate your statements from mine is all. Mongo..although we don't always agree, I see your point on this. I feel federal grants are needed in some areas, but maybe you are right that the federal government is not going to really do too much for us and that having them in our face is not the best solution. Man, getting funding is getting harder by the day. Take care and stay safe.

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  • mongofire_99

    Looks like another goverment farce.

    Ya' think?

    How long did it take you to figure that out?


    It also looks like Florida and Texas are fairing pretty well themselves.

    Nearly 2,300 fire departments in Texas. Are there more anywhere?


    Yes the bigger states have a higher population, but they also have a higher number of paid depts

    Not necessarily.

    and if they protect a higher number of people then their tax base should be higher also thus more moneys available,

    Not necessarily, depends on the what the tax rate is.

    the truley needy volunteer Depts in the small and rural states get screwed again

    You sound surprised.

    Did you really think small departments were going to come out on top? Hell no, there ain't no votes in small towns. A vote buying scheme is wasted on small town America.


    If you don't get one, tough sh--.


    Maybe next time, but don't begrudge the ones who do get it.

    Maybe a better idea is to dump the whole program, refund the money that is confiscated from the taxpayer to fund it back to the taxpayer so they can choose whether or not they want to support their local fire department.


    I don't see a big difference between the citizens of the big and small states to pay for their own fire protection.


    Each and every community in the US is funding their fire department to the level of protection/service they want. If they want more and are afraid to raise taxes, cut some of the BS government shouldn't be involved in anyway and send that money to the FD. Or, suck it up and raise the taxes LOCALLY.

    Turk II

    Stop complaining and be glad that we're starting to get some support from the government.

    You're not getting government support, the politicians are simply trying to buy your vote with yet another unConstitutional federal program payed for with money confiscated at gun point if necessary from hard working Americans - you and me.


    and our @$$ hole of a president never had to give us anything.

    What does the President owe us?

    Where in the Constitution, which you may recall sets the powers and duties of the Federal Government, are programs like the Fire Act authorized?

    Just remember, it's not over yet.

    Nope, they haven't bought enough votes yet...


    The feds need to take us more seriously.


    Fire protection is a local issue.

    They will when we are all paid and the citizens are bitching about having to pay 5-10% taxes per year to pay us for fire protection.

    There's the solution to problems, call in the feds.

    Works everytime doesn't it...

    I'll ask again, (for everyone, not just you hctrouble) what has the federal government stuck its nose in and made it better?


    Some of our troops are on food stamps while prisoners get three hots and a cot. American Indians are treated like crap, our inner cities are a mess, medical care under the government sucks, your money is taken from you for your retirement drawing roughly 2% annually, but their own money draws 17% on average because they can opt out of SS. The war on drugs is still being fought and just keeps getting worse, people cared for by the feds are in despair.

    Washington DC is controlled by the feds. They have one of the highest crime and poverty rates in the nation.

    If they can't take care of their own house, how do you expect them to take care of yours?

    Would you rather send your money to your city and have the money put in the FD budget, or send it to the feds, have them confiscate what they want right off the top and then dole out the rest as they see fit?

    and hopefully the feds will start to see a serious need for this money to be handed out annually.

    Hopefully fire departmenst will WAKE UP and see the last thing we need is the feds in our face.

    Silver City 4

    I'd rather have more of my taxes back than have the Fire Grant. But it's there, so we'll apply. As for the fact that law enforcement gets (and has had) support from the federal government, I don't think the solution is to INCREASE federal money for fire departments. I think that the federal government should DECREASE federal money for law enforcement.

    Local issues are best dealt with on the local level.



    Then quit whining and get tax support.




    Not singling you out, but why is the lack of local funding in your, or any other town, the American taxpayers problem?

    Isn't it a local problem?


    Like I said, this is a vote buying scheme pure and simple.

    Smell it all around you brothers and sisters, regardless of how you want to see it or spin it, the Fire Act is simply welfare for fire departments.


    Part of the deal was you had to match part of the grant based on your population. If you couldn't match, you didn't get.


    It's called elections. Most rural towns, the Fire Company(s) are the second largest and the best organized group of people (the largest and not so organized is the Parent-Teacher Orgs). Start flexing. Change doesn't happen overnight, often only small changes happen year to year, but over the decades big changes occur.

    Yep, the VFD in most communities can carry an election for mayor, city council, county commissioners, you name it.

    [ 08-06-2001: Message edited by: mongofire_99 ]

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