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A Question about the N.C. Accident involving FF's and Paramedics

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  • A Question about the N.C. Accident involving FF's and Paramedics

    Here's the story: http://www.firehouse.com/news/2001/9/8_Pvan.html

    As I was reading over this article, one thing caught my eye:
    "Hendersonville Police Chief Donnie Parks and several officers were having lunch at Kelsey’s when the second accident happened."

    Now, if you read the story, you will find that there was an initial accident that the 2 firefighters and 2 medics were at, so, according to that article, the police officers were eating while the 1st accident was going on right near the scene. Why weren't they doing there job??? As an Emergency Service's provider, i would be inquiring as to why officers were not on scene at the time of the accident....maybe there's something i'm over looking.....maybe it's best they weren't there, or they would've been hit too....either way....why were they eating while people needed help?

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    Before this thread goes any further, its most likely that another law enforcement agency had jurisdiction on the first accident, which was not as serious, and all agencies (police and fire) responded to the second, more serious accident involving the emergency workers. A number of law enforcement and fire/ems agencies were on the incident.

    Obviously, when you read news stories, certain things jump out at you, and its not always possible to know the full story. But please try not to bash an agency or individual by presuming what happened. The emergency workers on this incident, including those who responded to help their fallen friends, have undergone a serious traumatic incident and there is no need to further it without knowing exactly what went on.



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      I've got to admit that I'm happy that in my province we only have 1 policing agency. I mean when you think about it, in the states, you have State Troopers, then city police and also the county (which is probably the same as city)... but anyways, to me it would be confusing as well seeing a cop sitting there while something else is happening in the background....

      Lets never forget the events of 9-11

      If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!

      **And of course these are only my opinion and only mine. Don't take it out on anyone else but me.**


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        I guess it would make more sence for the police chief to respond to all calls within the community, sonce his officers obviously are not responsible enought to provide traffic control. And where was the head of the EMS service? Why was that person not there to ensure that the apparatus on scene was positioned correctly? And that poor driver who was forced to hit those emergency personnel. Someone should have been there with a roadsign to explain the techniques for driving around an accident scene. Who can expect the driver of a passenger vehicle to understand the infinite variations of accident scene navigation?

        Busterbar, sounds like you should be a lawyer.
        The Fire Service ... where there is a right way, a wrong way, the Chief's way, the Deputy's way, the Captain's way, the Lieutenant's way ....


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          the web team is right a different law enformcnet agency had jusdostion
          the state highway patrol handles most wreckes in north carolina unless something like town law says different.
          i am in the nesxt county over from whee the accident happened and that is how it is done here in our distraict.
          i am just glad i am not going to four furenals this week
          stay safe,have fun,stay healthy
          2197 10-8<br />stay safe have fun stay healthy<br />
          nc firefighter/emt-d


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            In our area of North Carolina, the city police handle accident calls in the city limits. The Highway Patrol handles the accidents in the unincorpirated areas. It sounds like the 2nd accident was a result of a medical problem with the driver of the van. Sounds like all the police in the world couldn't have prevented it from happening.


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