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WTC Flag "Mystery"

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  • WTC Flag "Mystery"

    Apparently, two people that own a yacht that was anchored near the WTC on 9-11-01 are trying to claim that the flag flown by the FDNY members was off of their boat. They say they want to obtain proof that it is theirs so they can donate it to a museum and as the paper put it "score" the IRS writeoff!!!!! SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T GET IT

    Here's the link to the story


    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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    Two words...BULL S***!!!!!!!

    We have all heard of selective hearing...our wives and girlfriends say we all have it..

    Welll....hmmmm..How's this for a statement from the 3 firefighters?

    "We have looked at all these pictures and do not see any that resemble the location this flag came from. In fact, I beleive we may have picked it up after we found it lying on the dock, covered in debri."

    I would believe it.....you?
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      I think someone has to explain real nice to these morons
      just what happenend on 9-11 and to use it to try and profit from
      it is totally @#$#@!!!!!!!!!!!.
      FDNY never will we forget


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        "MORE MYSTERY"

        New York's daily rag ran a story concerning WTC flags the other day. It seems there were originally four in evidence; one is on the Aircraft Carrier Roosevelt, another is at the Smithstonian Institute, and a third is being displayed at places like the World Series--Olympics, etc. The Daily Rag wanted to know what mysteriously happened to the fourth?

        Am I crazy or is this the same Rag that had a story one week after the attacks on how NYPD ESU cops presented then Police Commissioner Kerik with an American Flag "they" recovered from the WTC? Let's see now, isn't 3+1=4? DUH!

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          ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS:.....

          shady, very shady.
          Robert A. Klinger, Jr.


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            I was thoroughly disgusted when I saw this story on CNN a day or so ago.

            As we have discussed in another thread, these are just more people trying to cash in on the tragedy.Who cares what yacht that flag came from! As the article states, they just want the tax write-off and obviously their 15 mins of fame.

            Captstanm1, sure sounds like a good statement to me!

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