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Riding Assignments - Tools Carried

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  • Riding Assignments - Tools Carried

    Does your Fire Department use riding positions?

    If so- what are they called, and what tools are carried by each individual...? (Where are the positions in the cab- and what is carried by each person)

    Do your assignments vary from vehicle to vehicle? What do the truckies carry- What do the guys on the engine carry?

    Like to hear from you... let me know how you guys do it.....

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    Here's our engine setup. We do use riding assignments - positions are listed driver's side to officer's side.

    FRONT SEAT: Driver / pump operator (portable radio) --- Officer (SCBA, rope, officer's tool possibly, portable radio)

    REAR SEATING, FIRST ROW: Pack man (SCBA, handlight) --- Tip man (SCBA, handlight)

    REAR SEATING, REAR ROW: "Waters" or Hydrant (portable radio, handlight if necessary, hydrant bag off the back step) --- Irons man (forcible entry tools, handlight)

    In addition, there are two "extra" seats with packs in the rear that are used for an extra handline crew (if we can get out the door with eight).
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      We only have riding assignments on the truck. Seat 1 (driver)-set up street side of truck and run turntable w/ portable radio. Seat 2 (officer) oversee operations and assist where needed w/ portable, handlight, and other required tools. Seat 3 (street side facing rear) Ladder Building, Search & Rescue, Forcible Entry w/ portable, handlight, Irons. Seat 4 (curb side facing rear) Ladder building, Search & Rescue w/ portable, handlight, hook, and can. Seat 5 (street side facing front) outside vent man w/ portable, handlight, saw, and hook. Seat 6 (curb side facing front) set up curb side of truck, bucket operator w/ portable, handlight, saw and axe.

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        FDNY rides with 6 on the trucks, rescues and squads and either 5 or 6 on the engines. The Captain of the house or Lieutenant of each company will assign the positions, radios and masks at the start of the tour.
        For the truck:

        Officer side,
        6-Foot Hook, Can, Handlight

        Officer side,
        Axe, Halligan Bar, Rabbit tool and HandLight. Partner Saw for cutting roll down gates, locks and security bars.

        Chauffer side,
        Partner Saw, 6-Foot Hook, Life Saving Rope

        Chauffer side,
        Axe, 6-foot hook, Radio

        Proper Apparatus placement, places aerial to roof, assists with ventilation and any life safety needs, Radio

        For the Engine:

        NOZZLE -
        Officer side,
        Grabs nozzle and one length of hose.

        BACKUP -
        Officer side,
        Takes two to three lengths of hose

        DOOR -
        Chauffer side,
        Helps with the stretch takes additional lengths if needed. (Is also Control FF if 5-man Engine Co.)

        CONTROL -
        Chauffer side,
        Pulls proper lengths needed for stretch, assists with hydrant/standpipe hook up, carries standpipe kit, radio, assists with stretch and works control wheel on standpipe.

        CHAUFFER -
        Proper Apparatus placement!
        Makes hydrant connection and operates the pump, carries radio

        The officers carry a radio, and handlight and are there for direction. The Squad companies are capable of operating as a truck or engine. The Rescue companies operate in 3 groups of 2. Their positions vary depending on how they are used.

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