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    little sister, please ask yourself what it means when that pager goes off. You said it wrecked your life. Think about the people's houses that or on fire. or the ones trapped in a car wreck. when that pager goes off, somebody is losing their life or everything that they own. One of these days that pager may go off and send help to you or your family. If it did not go off then it might be you that died or your family. be thankful that all you lose is sleep. one of these days your brother might not come back from a fire. Tell your brother that you love him. Also, how many times has a phone call for you woke some else in you home who may have been sleeping.
    God Bless, Larry

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      Well First,
      I would learn to spell considering the fact that I am a college man, then answer me a question. Are you going away to school? If so turn the thing the thing off while you are away would be the simple thing to do. If that is not possible turn the thing down and instruct her in the proper operation and how to reset the pager when you are not home and it goes off. Just my 2 cents
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        I was lucky enough to marry a person that was used to the pagers. We each have one on our nightstands, but mine is for fire and EMS. Tracy's is just EMS. Now the baby wasn't used to this and I forgot one night and the baby woke up in a screeming panic(when he was still in the bassinette in our room) . Tyler is now 6 months and will just flinch and fall back to sleep. When I was home I never really had a problem for my room was far enough away that it didn't bother anyone. I also believe that this might be something for your sister to complain about, especially if she is younger.
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          In 11 1/2 Years of the Volunteer Fire Service I have yet to ever sleep through my pager going off. When I got married my wife used to wake up full steam but now after two and a half years of being married she hardly moves when my pager goes off at night. My newest obstacle occured Last Year when Our Son was born. He's 15 Months old and sleeping in his own crib in his own room and never wakes up when the pager goes off but when he was in our room in the bassenet well....My volume was way down although I still herd it and still responded. In my younger days living at home with mom and dad my pager {Old Minitor I with Amplifier} had what Motorola reffered to as a fixed alert. Meaning that no matter where you set the volume those beep-beep-beep Tones went off at an obnoxious level. My parents were cool with it though and simply accepted the fact I was a Volunteer Firefighter and thats how we were alerted. My Grand-Father on my mother's side was a Volunteer Firefighter in Chester, P.a {Goodwill Fire Co.} back in the 1940's and mom used to tell me stories of having a bell mounted on the up-stairs wall of their house much like a gong that would sound when the volunteers were summoned. Phone Company had a way of activating the bells at the firefighters houses. So the Technilogical Age does annoy some people and not others. For the Guy that has the Sister thats complaining about his pager...Tell her to Close Her Door and Get over it...I'm sure the Pager doesn't go off every night of the week....Hell, We're lucky if we catch a Mid-Night Run two or three times a month---We usually are the busiest between 8am and 10pm
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            Just tell your sister to get over it, the tones will go away, and she will be able to go back to sleep


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              This will help...
              a. I Know you will not turn down your pager and your sister will allways Bitch about something. Thats her JOB she's your sister...

              But see if you can get her to go to sleep with the radio "am/fm" on. This will raise her nosie floor "level" and she will not here your alert tones as much...

              and if she is still Bitching tell your mom her radio keeps you up all night...

              and it all else fales try a ice pick in her ear drum... just kidding

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                A Fireman's Daughter's Response

                To the little sister:

                You are 17 and STILL haven't gotten over the fact that you may have to sacrifice those holidays for your father's job? Just think about the people that he is going off to help when that radio goes off. They are even more put out about the interruption of they're holiday than you are. At least your house isn't the one burning down, or your father isn't the one having CPR administered on. I even learned by the age of 3 that Daddy was going to help other people, and that he would be home as soon as he could. My parents, though, adapted for the loss, and I soon learned to also. I had birthdays at the station, Christmas dinner was served at the station from time to time, same with Thanksgiving. On top of it all, my dad is an officer, along with being an arson investigator and inspector. Well, there goes July 4th & New Year's, since someone has to take away all the illegal fire works.

                How many times, though, have you forgotten something at home, or needed to go home from school, and the quickest responder was Daddy because he was off duty? I know that happened to me all the time.

                Quit thinking about yourself so much and think about how your sacrifice to support your father and brother is so LITTLE compared to what THEY sacrifice and what it means to the people that they help. If you have never done it already, get one of them to take you on a ride along. You never realize what an impact they have until you see the relieved faces on the family's face, or the look of awe in a little kids eye, seeing a fire fighter up close for the first time.

                Every now & then I start thinking about all the things my father has missed in my life, but then I hear him tell the story of one of those crazy 3-hour, middle of the night calls, where his company saved life and property. It's these moments that make me so DAMN proud to be a fire fighter's daughter!!!!!

                Think about it!

                PS To the older brother--CRANK IT UP!!!!!
                "Let your watchword be duty, and know no other talisman of success than labor. Let honor be your guiding star in your dealings with your superiors, your fellows, with all. Be as true to a trust reposed as the needle to the pole, stand by the right even to the sacrifice of life itself, and learn that death is preferable to dishonor."

                -Former TX Governor Richard Coke, 1876


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                  I grew up in a house that always had a scanner on full blast 24/7/365,even when both my parents were not really active members So when I became an explorer and then a FF and added my own to the house it was met w/ only one request... program only the essential freqs(if u have a large capacity scanner put a few freqs on one bank and turn the rest off @nite)after 9pm and shut the pager off. this will cut down on other towns tones and keep the cross talk from the busier depts from waking that person in the house who has never learned to accept scanners, guest,etc. and the only tone should be yours or someone on your freq. i have my depts,fire ground, pd freq,and pd tactical freq on mine and can activate the other w/ a push of a button if i want to listen to others. good luck bro,as a fellow college student/ff i feel for ya
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                    What about your parents brother? Obviously your dad either A)snaps awake due to his years of responding or B)sleeps right through it for similar reasons. If your mom doesn't wake or is bothered by it..your sister needs to learn to respect your choice in vol. But do try to do everything you can to "make her happy"

                    Stay safe brother


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                      seems like they always find something to complain about.


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                        luckly i've never really had to deal with this. when i first joined i lived in the only downstairs room in a 4 bedroom townhouse with 3 other guys.. they never knew I left. then i moved into a 2bedroom apt with another guy from my dept... so no issues there.. then another guy took his place and it never woke him up... now that i live alone (or when the fiance is here) i don't care how loud it is.. most nights i sleep with my scanner locked on our primary channel.. and like these other guys said.. our tones hit and it wakes me up before the minitor III makes the beep!! usually my fiance just says "be careful" and listens to the scanner until she knows it's a routine call...

                        at the station i've been known to already be out of bed before the buzzer hits!!

                        i did have a neighbor once that complained about hearing my pager go off thru the walls.. i told them very politely to "get over it"... which they gladly did 2 nights later when the guy's wife caught a pot on the stove on fire and after our tones went off i walked next door, removed the pot from the stove, covered it, put the fire out and canceled all but the first due truck....

                        never heard a single complaint after that!!!

                        just be courteous though.. if it ain't your call.. put it in alert mode to make the family happy.. and when it hits make sure the whole house knows!!!
                        Shevais M. Shrum
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                          My wife has made several observations over the years. One is that, the pager goes off in the middle of the night, I'm up, get some pants on turn lights on and make noise on the way to the mud room, suit up, I'm out the door and gone, it's quiet again ... and all the lights are still on! Another is that it takes me over a half hour to get up for work in the morning, hitting the snooze bar, etc. But when a call comes in, I'm up dressed, out the door and down the street in 30 seconds... go figure

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