We have the diagrams for all the different GPM pump tests, that show the different hose lays, tip sizes and pressures BUT for our 1250 GPM pumper , the diagram we have only shows the one hose lay for the Volume test,
It shows laying three 100 ft sections and one 50 ft section to a 2 1/4" tip. at 70 psi.
I have been hearing of people testing 1250 pumps with three 50 ft lays, and was wondering if anyone has a layout diagram of it they could email or fax me ? and does it still use the 2 1/4 " tip for this test ?
i know we could go to a 2 inch tip but would have to raise the nozzle pressure to about 111 lbs to get 1250 gpm and really dont want to do that. any help would be appreciated,
email me at [email protected] or fax me at 1-870-579-2278.
thanks, Tyler