It was posted on another forum that Mil Spec foam is what you should buy. However the most common foams on the market are not Mil Spec. The most successful firefighting efforts were alldone without Mil Spec foams. Very few refineries or bulk storage areas are protected by Mil Spec foam.

Why? Mil Spec isn't much of a spec. For example if you buy a 1% AFFF foam, there was never a Mil Spec drawn up. Same is true with any polar foam 3m ATC, Willaims 1/3, Ansul ARC, National Gold, Angus Alcoseal, Angus Petroseal, etc.

The same post suggested buying UL listed foams and appliances. According to use a certain 3/6 UL listed foam with a 95 gpm UL listed eductor at 6% and you'll pick up 3.1% At 3% you'll pick up 2.2% Of course their foam is not listed at 2.2 or 3.1% for use. However they do tell you you won't even pickup 2.2 or 3.1 unless you pump 300 psi. So what do you get with a UL listing? Obviously, in this case a dangerous situation.

All UL and Mil Spec AFFF's are a hazardous material when used. Only two foams on the market clean themselves up, 0.01 to 1% Ambush Class A & B with Microbes and 3% Class B MicroBlazeout. The first costs $7 a gallon and the second $25.

Someone else said they made one gel. It would be interesting to find out how.