Here is some food for thought for some of the Brunacini bashers.

Chief Brunacini says quite often, all I do is authorize what others create. If its something I or someone else create that I talk about and you dont like it, you dont have to use it.

Phoenix has a strong customer servuce program and here is what it has gotten them. One of the best fleets in the country, funding for raises and benefits, safety programs, family programs for firefighter families.

These social workers that they have, all of them are masters degree seeking interns, who go through a short version of the fire academy to learn a little ebfore they work in the field helping fire victims.

And finally as the good chief says, help a little old lady across the street, shell tell 10 others who may vote for your next raise.

When Phoenix does a car seat checkpoint or a community picnic, it is similiar to what the police do and they get almost 11 billion in funding while we for the first time got 100 million. If you have an hour to spare a day and it could get you new equipment or a raise or more manpower isnt it worth it, now mulitply that times ten or a hundred.