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Firefighter Training Bashing by a Fool

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  • Firefighter Training Bashing by a Fool

    this was wriiten on 7/11/01 , it should be noted because bad and begative press hurts us all.Naples Daily News, 7/11/01

    Island Voices
    Wednesday, July 11, 2001
    Burning over union
    I believe the International Association of Fire Fighters is unsurpassed as a propaganda and public relations organization.

    This union's functions include acquisition and expansion of politi cal control at state, and national levels, assisting local unions in acquisition and control at local levels, securing the best possible contract terms for the local union and creating and perpetuating the "firefighter" image as a super hero engaged in fearless deeds of valor with selfless dedication to service. A white knight straight from Camelot.

    We are continually barraged by the media with fearsome sights of flaming horror, firemen in full regalia, huge fire trucks or helicopters, ladders and spewing hoses, and all presented as though it was in our own backyard.

    Another scene portrays a fireman beside a hook and ladder fire truck, answering questions with the wisdom of Solomon, intellect of Einstein, and capabilities of Superman. Dozens of other situations pursue this same theme, ad infinitum.

    Sometimes show business would gag a goat.
    These stylized programs are not coincidental. They are marketed by aggressive and highly- experienced publicity personnel.

    They can and do exploit every conceivable aspect and nuance of psychological persuasion and conditioning to create the desired image. This brainwashing continues until its victims see only the projected tableau, and never the perverse or unpalatable truths that my lurk below the surface.

    Unfortunately, the simple facts are that no IQ, educational, or psychological standards must be met to become a fireman. In 12 weeks, any ordinary person who is reasonably strong and healthy, can become a fully-trained, certified, and effective Florida State fireman. This job requires nothing more.

    Charles Slagle, Marco Island

    feel free to write to the editor of this newspaper and complain or even track this slime down and give him a piece of your mind.
    nullCharles Slagle, Marco Island
    X Long Beach Fire Dept. NY
    Presently , a recruit in Coral Springs(FL) FD Academy.
    Stay Low Brothers

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    Unfortunately, the simple facts are that no IQ, educational, or psychological standards must be met to become a fireman. In 12 weeks, any ordinary person who is reasonably strong and healthy, can become a fully-trained, certified, and effective Florida State fireman. This job requires nothing more.
    One thing Mr. Slagle failed to mention it takes to be a firefighter...BALLS


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      He must have not had enough IQ to get on some where or maybe one of the lads ran off with his wife.


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        hey but everyone knows what kind of person he is just even after reading the article.
        the a**hole who won't yeild the right of way to the engine going down the road and then his first words will always be "what took you so long to get here!!"

        typical reporter- open mouth insert foot
        Robert A. Klinger, Jr.


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          guys here is what my mother had to say on the subject
          To the idiot that wrote the letter about firemen being super heros, etc. You obviously have never met a truly dedicated fireman. I have. I was married to one for 20 years and my son is also a fireman. I have 2 brothers who are firemen and a nephew as well. I have been around a lot of these men and women who will go out of their way to save his scrawny butt. He is an ignorant person who does not know about the hundreds and thousands of hours that are devoted to training by these persons. You have to have some intelligence and gumption just to pass most of the written and practical tests. I hope that his house doesn't go up in flames or his family is not injured in a wreck, etc. I'm sure that the people he is so quick to malign would still show up to pull them out of a car or put out his fire.
          Firemen are for the most part very dedicated to their profession, even to the point of letting that same profession dictate the rest of their lives, ie. their family life, marriage, etc. They are good people and should be appreciated, not run down.
          Tammy Henderson
          Arden, NC
          2197 10-8<br />stay safe have fun stay healthy<br />
          nc firefighter/emt-d


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            Write this editor a nice nasty letter telling them your feelings about this jerk. There is another story about their firehouse on this site. Just scroll down for 7-11-01 and go to the island voices section, then e-mail the editor. Not sure if this was an editorial or a letter from an individual with a bone to pick (looks more like an editorial). Either way let the paper know what you think.

            [ 07-14-2001: Message edited by: FireLt1951 ]


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              I am an office manager for my local fire department, I'm not a Fire Fighter. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I was raised to look up to people who made a living out of saving other peoples lives, especially Fire Fighters. I almost cried when I read that article.
              Just so you know, this is the letter I sent in reply. I hope you guys don't mind the 'hero worship' But I want you to know how much you mean to me and my family.

              2001 Reported United States Fire Fighter Deaths: 59

              That is 59 men and women that will never again be able to kiss their families, men and women that were Fire Fighters. To think that these were only the ones that were reported to Firehouse.com. How many more are there that have made the ultimate sacrifice that most of us will never hear about?
              Being a Fire Fighter is more than just an image. The men and women who have made a profession out of saving lives deserve at least our respect if nothing else. They are subjected to tedious hours of training that requires not only physical aptitude but mental affinity as well.
              Training burns, drills, drivers training, Emergency Medical Technician certification, and a whole score of other events fill their days with rigorous duties. How is it then that people like Mr. Slagel form an opinion that our nation’s Fire Fighter’s are mentally inept?
              The most heart-wrenching thing about this is that this is not the only instance of some one bashing the Fire Service. This is a common occurrence.
              Of course these individuals are heroes. They are now, always have been, and always will be heroes to all of us, even those of us refusing to admit it. If confronted by the children of the 59+ deceased Fire Fighters, will Mr. Slagel look into those faces and say, “Your daddy wasn’t a hero, he died because he was a showboat.”
              I think not.


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                This is easy enough.

                1. If his house ever catches fire, let him put it out himself.

                2. Let's see if his sorry hide could make it through the training.

                “I am more than just a serious basketball fan. I am a life-long addict. I was addicted from birth, in fact, because I was born in Kentucky.”
                ― Hunter S. Thompson


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                  I'm thinking he's the welfare bum who took the fire test so he could work 11 days a month, sleep on the job and be lazy, and soon found out that wasn't what firefighting is like as well as failing the test. So now he's mad. Oh well there are more of us than there are him, and our brotherhood is a hell of alot stronger.



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                    Charles Slagle and others of this mindset remind me of an old proverb...

                    Those who cannot do...criticize!

                    He must be a politician who is afraid of what NFPA 1710 will mean to his wallet!

                    Proud member of the IAFF, Marlborough Firefighters Local 1714!

                    [ 07-14-2001: Message edited by: Captain Gonzo ]
                    ‎"The education of a firefighter and the continued education of a firefighter is what makes "real" firefighters. Continuous skill development is the core of progressive firefighting. We learn by doing and doing it again and again, both on the training ground and the fireground."
                    Lt. Ray McCormack, FDNY


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                      Somewhere along the way this guy's business probably got cited by a fire inspector or some other "insult". He'll change his tune when he needs us. It's just too bad that newspaper chose to print his bile.

                      [ 07-14-2001: Message edited by: WTFDFF10 ]


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                        I want to say thank you for the all the great letters. I have already responded to the editor about this moron, but if you doa Yahoo search, this jerks address and phone number are available, lol I am going to write him a lil letter next. He opened up the wrong can of worms. Stay low every one .
                        IraG918, Formerly of Long Beach FD (NY)
                        H&L2 , presently recruit class Coral Springs Fire Academy #200102 "SmokeEaters"
                        X Long Beach Fire Dept. NY
                        Presently , a recruit in Coral Springs(FL) FD Academy.
                        Stay Low Brothers


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                          Once again, a prime example of one who does not understand what it's all about, judging a book by it's cover... so often ignorance is shown through an open mouth.
                          Hey, it's MY opinion, not that of my department or peers.


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                            It seems that ignorance is bliss. Mr. Slagle has obviously showed he does not research the stories that he writes about. If he had only went to the academy and sat in on a few of the classes, participated in a few of the live drills or just visited his local firehouse I would hope his viewpoint would be different. It isn't the idea of him writing with his head up his a**, it is the point of his readers will believe the s**t. He has no clue what it is like to run all day, complete your daily training, housework and whatever your management has dreamed up for you only to be awakened at 2 in the morning and be expected to be at peak preformance no matter if it is an ems call that lasts an hour or an extra alarm fire that lasts 10. He dosen't understand that we do this for ourselves, for the pride of helping others. I know that there are alot of you out there that would do this or are volunteer. We would make a living elsewhere but we would still give 110% when it came to our dept. I hope all of my brothers and sisters send a letter to the newspaper and the local depatrments organize a boycott of that newspaper until he prints a retraction of this horses**t story. Because that is all it is, a fairy tale thought up by an insecure man who has to find something to degrade other than himself. We all should have pride in our dept., company, and ourselves for choosing a profession that others cannot, will not,or choose not to do. Good bless you all here and gone. Be safe out there.


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                              Dont sweat it guys, 9 out of 10 people that read that are gonna say "What a nimrod" when they finish it, the other one will agree with him, and thats about the percentage 10% a**holes. We can live with that cant we? You cant educate idiots.


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