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    I would first have an officer pull her aside and in a completely friendly way ask her to wear shorts and a t-shirt to any call. If that doesn't work, try to pass policy that says all members must wear a shirt and shorts to all calls. If that doesn't work, she is more than welcome to transfer to my department .
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      OK, first..Barney grow up! No one cares that you think women can't do the job...because most of the men on here are professional and open minded enough to realize that there are women out there that can and do. I am one of them! So I don't appreciate your ridiculously narrow minded posts. Didn't your mother tell you that if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all?!

      Second, if she is a good fire fighter and someone that you want to keep on the department then talk to her about what professionalism is and what the department requires from her to be looked at as a professional. IF she does not clean up her act then you need to take disciplinary action against her for not maintaining some professionalism in the community and the firehouse. I went to fire school with a girl that used to come to school wearing half shirts, spandex pants, etc. At first the guys gawked, but then they realized she didn't do what was expected of her so none of the guys thought much of her, and they all laughed at her behind her back because she looked silly. I was the only other girl in that class and I did my job, wore enough clothes to cover myself, and got in there and fought when I had to. I was respected, treated properly, and not laughed at. I agree that some women need to watch the way they behave because they give the rest of us that do our jobs a bad name. This lady might just not understand that the guys are gawking at her or that she is cauing a distraction..she might be so comfortable with the way she dresses that she does not think of it as an issue. Sit her down, talk it out, and then move on. If she is a mature smart adult she will follow the guidelines outlined for her and this won't be a problem anymore. Take care.
      Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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        The question does not seem to be about the FF's profession or her abilities as a firefighter. It simply seems to be about what image she presents for your department upon her arrival at a scene.

        We have had issues with members of both sexes showing up in innapropriate clothing. A female that showed up in something more appropriate for a Victoria's Secret catalog, one that had an affection for short shorts and tiny midriff tops. A male that liked to show up with no shirt, shoes and occasionally in his boxers.

        Either way we decided that our public image had to be professional. Our rules & regs require a shirt, shorts or skirt of a tasteful length (TBD by the OIC), and shoes on EVERY call or you will be sent home. No exceptions.

        Even though you are putting your PPE on, people can see you doing so and it sends an awful message to be dressed like my examples above.

        If you present it as a general rule and apply it evenly to all firefighters regardless of profession/sex/shoe size it shouldn't be a problem. If it takes a while to get that sort of thing passed in your department, take her aside now and present it as above - not as a personal thing. If she is a professional, she won't have a problem with it.

        Everyone should understand the concerns of public image for the department.
        Susan Lounsbury
        Winston-Salem Rescue Squad
        Griffith Volunteer FD


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          Hey hctrouble25,
          Didn't your mother tell you that if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all?!

          Yes she did tell me such things but she did it from home where she belonged taking care of the kids!!!!!!!!


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            Women can do the job, they do the job, and they are as deserving of the recognition for doing that job as the men. You might not like it, but that is the way it is nowadays. So Barney just stop with your "women belong in the kitchen cooking me dinner and getting me a beer" mentality. No one is impressed. If you choose to harrass a woman on the job then you are asking for whatever you get. I don't like some of the guys on my department but I don't harrass them or tell them they shouldn't be there. If they can do the job like the rest of us then they belong.
            Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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              ALl I want to know is.... Does she like TRAINS?

              I dont dial 911, I dial .357


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                This post turned from what to do about improper attire to Barney Vinton bashing women firefighters. HCTROUBLE....ignore him...his belongs in the museums with the rest of the dinosaurs. As long as you humor him with a response he will argue.

                I dont necessarily agree with all your opinions...but I do agree that if anyone can do the job (he/she) then let them do it.

                As far as his "in the kitchen" comment....hmmmm...I think back to just about this time last year while i was visiting some friends in a fire station and we were preparing breakfast. The Lt. was in a chair with hsi back to the wall and made a comment to the female firefighter/medic who was cooking. It involved something like "we will have to get you a matching apron for your uniform so she could stay in the kitchen where she belonged." She was making home made biscuits and without thinking and almost automatically she winged a hand full of dough across the room and it was a perfect strike on his cheek. He had nothing further to say and the rest of the day was quiet...with some subtle laughter here and there. Perhaps Barney needs the biscuit treatment!
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                  You shouldnt be saying anything sexist... Broads hate that!!!

                  I think that everyone has a valid point here, I think Barney speaks for the vast majority of the veterans in the fire service.

                  I say put them in the ambulances! Its alot safer. This way they can still be in thge firehouse kitchen for the fireman.

                  Im all for strppers on fire calls. WHo cares what she wears anyway? id rather look at her than some of the creatures in the firehouses now

                  Count your blessins that she done joined up there at your place and not somewar else
                  I dont dial 911, I dial .357


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                    It doesn't matter who's comments you appreciate and who's you don't. Barney didn't ask you to appreciate his comment. He can say whatever he wants- can't he?


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                      The only thing I can say is have your department establish a dress code. Not only for her but for everyone, and ensure it is enforced for everyone. I will not comment on the previous comments about weomen in the Fire Service.
                      Good luck with your problem and hopefully everything will work out for all those involved.


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                        Barney what you said was a rediculous comment,Im a teenager and I know better than saying something like that, yeah I've told my girlfriend that befoe but she knows I dont mean it. When my parents were still together my dad did most of the cooking and laundry on his days off from the local fd, hell there are even female ff's on the local fd that are better than some of the male ff's.I agree captstanm1 you do belong in the museum with the rest of the dinosaurs. The cheif of the local fd has to have been in the firefighting buesiness for 40-50 years and he still has an open mind about female firefighters. So do the rest of the older guys in the fd here. So next time I would advise you to think before you speak.

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                          if she's good at what she does just have a talk with her on what she's wearing to calls


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                            I just wanted to bring this topic back

                            it will take our minds back in the gurter for a while...

                            captain 12


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                              Good idea Captain 12!! I wonder if we can have her pose for some picutures to raise some money for the 9-1-1 funds? Isn't it interesting though, that this was a "hot" topic on 9/10/01... and today it just doesn't seem to be as important?

                              So, has any of the suggestions been tried on her yet? If so, has she adjusted as needed?
                              Richard Nester
                              Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

                              "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter


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                                You HAD to know that I was chiming in on this discussion... So we'll start w/ the TONGUE IN CHEEK stuff.

                                Is she a hose jockey (engine) or stick jockey (truckie)... Okay, got that out of my system.

                                Our dept. is in the process of providing coveralls (ordered recently). The Chief has mentioned NUMEROUS times that we should "watch what we wear to calls".

                                A. Spandex and polyesters can melt. BIG time. Talk about ruining a career!

                                B. We should maintain professionalism, so cut the offensive t-shirts.

                                C. Shorts and tank tops do not help insulate against steam burns.

                                Okay, now that I got THAT "off my chest" can I join your dept.


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