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Stripper's in The Fire Service

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  • Stripper's in The Fire Service

    About a year ago we had a Female Type Firefighter join our Department. She has all the taining you can think of for both Fire & EMS, and is one of our better firefighters.

    Some might say, Thats great>

    But. She works at a local high end type strip club, and show's up at fire call with some might say less clothing than she should, We are a vol. dept. and don't have a dress code for fire calls. We are glad they show up for fires but she were's T-back swim-ware and even less on top. sometimes you can see right threw her top.

    Don't get me wrong I am a red blooded male but the fireMEN are not payyying attention to what they are doing. I don't what anybody to get hurt...and some of our wife's don't like it one bit...

    What should we do ????

    PS; We are taking app's for firefighters.

    PSS now you no why we have a brass pole in a single story fire station

    [ 09-29-2001: Message edited by: Captain 12 ]

  • #2
    Schweeeet.....If I'm ever in town I'm calling 911.


    • #3
      If the only issue is what she wears...then...make rules that require uniforms for duty and for calls. MAke sure they are equally applied....

      HAs anyone tried to speak to her about professionalism in a volunteer dept?? She has a uniform for work...so to speak....so tell her there is one for the fire station and explain things...
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      • #4
        Well, you could run her out of town but make sure you give her a ticket to my town, i'm sure she'd fit right in on our dept.

        Must be nice to have a firefighter pin-up on the truck....she must be a keeper

        After note
        captstanm1 has a good idea and it might work out well if it is done in a tasteful manor and if it is handled properly

        [ 09-07-2001: Message edited by: pat33nj ]
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          Hahaha, firefighter stripper. It sounds like the basis of a new Fox TV Show! I don't mean to laugh at your problem and good luck dealing with it, but don't forget to start all your stories with, "So there's this stripper on my volunteer department and..."
          "...you're such a gentle soul, it's killing me to know, when will i see your face?" -Vince Gill


          • #6
            Hey my Department is hiring!!!

            Due to the ammount of skin that might be shown I feel it is not a good thing for the dept. It puts a negetive impact on the you and as well becomes a distraction, and soon rumors will fly about who is fooling around with her if it hasen't already
            speak to her about her professionalism,and think about rewrighting some s.o.p.'s and a job description.


            • #7
              Hey Cap....not to make light of this....but where can I pick up an application?


              • #8
                well if you really want her to cover up, captstanm1 had the best idea so far, but that makes it bad for everyone else because now you`ll have to keep an extra shirt or whatever in your locker at the firestation which is one more thing that you need to put on in an emergency. I think it would be a nice distraction though and would encourage her to keep up the good work.


                • #9
                  $$$$$$$- I smell a fundraiser brewing or something like that.

                  Try getting her a lightwait jumpsiut, it worked for a local company in my neck of the woods, If not send her my way - we have a strip joint she could work at locally.

                  shhhwinnng- can always use a good look ON A LATE NITE CALL.
                  May we ride into the darkness only to return as safe as we started!!


                  • #10
                    Where's Jake the Hose Monkey when you need him?


                    • #11
                      I think Jake got promoted to captain.Sheesh I tell ya ha ha ha.


                      • #12
                        Im with Gah74. Shweeeeet. Whats training night like? Whats her favorite hose lay? Does she like to pump, or sit in the jump seat. Im glad we dont have that problem.


                        • #13
                          I am sure that there is an entire tanker full of jokes that can be posted, and before I get to my kick at the can, I would like to offer my opinion, which is in close agreement to captstanm1. Officially, it could be considered a safety issue. Heat transfering through her turnout gear could ignite something she is wearing under it. I believe it is right in the IFSTA manual about what types of clothing should and should not be worn under gear.

                          ............... nope, I don't think I am going to do it. However, this topic would put a different spin on drafting I will let ya'll figure it out from there. Two points to the first person that does
                          "No one ever called the Fire Department for doing something smart..."


                          • #14
                            Heres my 2 cents
                            She sounds like a very dedicated Firefighter so just pull her off to the side and discuss the issue with her as nice as possible. Making sure to let her know that it is a safety issue and that you are concerned for her safety as well as the safety of the other firefighter she is working with.
                            firefighter26 I not even gonna get into drafting but, she is more than welcome in my department I'm sure she could find work in a establishement similar to the one she is currentlty employed at.
                            Hey Captain 12 how about getting her to pose for a couple of pictures and you could sell them for a fund raiser. Maybe get some of the other woman to come in and pose as well. Nothing trashy just some pictures of some good looking woman possing with your companies fire truck. It works for those shift calenders so why not try it.


                            • #15
                              we had a guy who would show up barechested. That instigated the powers that be to initiate the "Jones Rule". everyone responding to a call must atleast be wearing a shirt and shorts.
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