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Need Help with Seminar Ideas/Instructors...Please Read

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  • Need Help with Seminar Ideas/Instructors...Please Read

    Hi, I am looking to sponosor/run a class of some sort as a fundraiser for My Junior Corps.

    Last year we did a Heavy Truck and Bus Extrication Class with instructors from Extrication.com (R), and this year we would once again like to run a class.

    Do any FF have anu ideas of seminars/classes that would like to take or know of any good intructors to contact that to various lectures/classes/ and/or seminars.

    This would be a great help

    Chris Krize

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    Ok, but be prepared. Fog vs Smooth bores is always a great company level topic because everyone has an opinion so therefore everyone is interested. Several weeks ago there was a topic "is this stream effective" on this forum. If possible try to find it and copy it, there is some very good info there on BOTH sides of the issue, but it is pretty technical so you have to make sure the interest stays high. (hurling insults about the other side usually works). I also would recomend not using specific brand names. Although I don't agree with all the nozzle mfgs, and I have my preference, most of the people who work in the industry seem to be pretty good guys so I wouldn't intentionally burn any of them. Definately, on this issue, I would do my homework because if you don't know what your talking about you will get hammered. The good news is that demos are easily done.By the way, I prefer smoothbores.


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      Have a big water class


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        Take a look at the webpage for our Regional Fire School at http://welcome.to/FireSchool and see if any of the classes appeal to you. If so, send me an e-mail and I will get you information on who we have instructing them.
        Richard Nester
        Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

        "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter


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          Why not consider a seminar on FF Rescue/Rapid Intervention? This is a "hot" topic in the fire service right now that does not always get the full attention it deserves.

          I recently attended a seminar by FDNY Battalion Chief John Norman (fantastic instructor) where in a 1 1/2 hr. class he examined case studies of trapped FF's & briefly demonstrated (thru slides & hands-on
          demos) FF rescue techniques (i.e. handcuff knot, lifting system using just a few FF's, some rope & a couple of carabiners). The FF's who came out of this class raved about it - it was one of those seminars where you actually went home learning something that you could use the next time you answered an alarm.

          If you're interested in contacting him,
          e-mail me directly & I'll point you in the right direction as to where to reach him.

          Hope this helps you out. Stay Safe.


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            Maybe it's just me but it seems like firefighting seminars are way more popular than anything else.
            All these guys will do a great seminar for you. They're all very highly respected and don't just "talk the talk," they've "walked the walk".
            In no particular order:

            Vinnie Dunn - http://www.vincentdunn.com
            John Norman - http://www.staylow.com
            John Salka
            Tom Brennan - http://www.staylow.com
            Dan Noonan - http://www.staylow.com
            Frank Montagna - http://www.chiefmontagna.com

            Get one or more of these guys and get the word out, you should do well.

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