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Hydrant Sogs / WSO information needed.

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  • Hydrant Sogs / WSO information needed.

    I am looking for any input from other departments on your hydrant SOG's, your relationship with your water authority and who from your department handles water issues. Your replies will be very helpful.

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    Our Hydrant SOPs are pretty straight forward. For the most part, we treat them like we would a static source and our Engine (which carries 5000' 5") reverse lays to the hydrants which are on 2000' spacing.

    As for dealing with the water company, which is a private for-profit utility, they mainly ask that we keep a log of the water we use during drills & fires, and fax it to them periodically. Plus if we're planning to flow a lot for a drill, or used a lot at a fire, we give them a call the next business day. The reason for the log and courtesy call is so when they look at the meters on their pumping stations, they know the FD used it and don't have to worry about a leak on the system.

    Also by agreement with them, we conduct all the hydrant tests in our area and send them a copy of the results -- use it as a couple drill nights, as we only have 10 hydrants on the public system in our district. There are fire pumps located at the well field, and another supporting the spur to our school complex...but both are automatic so a couple minutes after we start a large flow we'll see the pressure pick up.

    Usually one of the Chief officers is the liason to Connecticut Water.
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      Our dept. SOG is the first in goes in dry for rapid attack with the booster tank water and the second in brings water. We are fortunate enough to have 95% hydrant coverage in our city. Hydrant spacing is 500'.

      The local water district is responsible for all maintenance and testing of hydrants. We as a department work with the water district by testing half of the hydrants on each twice a year rotation.

      We also color code each hydrant by available flow.

      Yellow stem and colored top:
      Blue 1500 gpm+
      Green 1000-1500 gpm
      Orange 500-1000 gpm
      Red 500 or less gpm

      Solid red = High pressure 150 psi + (static)

      Hope this helps.


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