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  • Funny Joke!!!

    A firefighter is at the station house working outside on the
    >Fire truck when he notices a little girl next door. The
    >little girl is in a little Red wagon with little ladders
    > hung off the side. She is wearing a Firefighter's hat
    >and has the wagon tied to a dog.
    >The firefighter says, "Hey, little girl, whatcha doing?"
    >The little girl says, "I'm a firefighter, and this is my
    > Fire truck!"
    > The firefighter walks over to take a closer look. "Little
    >girl, that sure is a nice fire truck!" the firefighter says.
    > "Thanks, mister," says the little girl.
    > The firefighter looks a little closer and notices the little
    > girl has tied the wagon to the dog's testicles.
    > "Little girl," says the firefighter, "I don't want to tell
    > you how to run your fire truck, but if you were to
    > tie that rope around the dog's neck, I think you could go
    > faster."
    >The little girl says, "You're probably right, mister, but
    > then I wouldn't have a siren."

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    i like it.


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      That is SOOOO bad.... (but I like it)!
      We gotta be nuts...we're running in when the rats & roaches are running out!

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        Found this on a web site. I thought it was cute - Hopefully no one is offended.

        Chief: Leaps short buildings with a single bound. Is more powerful than a ladder truck. Is faster than a speeding bullet. Walks on water. Gives policy to God.

        Assistant Chief: Leaps short buildings with a single bound. Is more powerful than a pumper. Is just as fast as a speeding bullet. Walks on water if sea is calm. Talks with God.

        Deputy Chief: Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable winds. Is almost as powerful as a pumper. Is faster than a speeding BB. Walks on water in indoor swimming pools. Talks with God if special request is approved.

        Engineer: Barely clears Quonset huts. Loses tug-of-war with pumper. Can fire a speeding bullet. Swims well. Is occasionally addressed by God.

        Captain: Makes high marks on buildings when trying to leap them. Is run over by a pumper. Can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting self-injury. Dog paddles in swimming pools. Talks with animals.

        Lieutenant: Runs into buildings when trying to leap them. Recognizes pumpers two out of three times. Is not allowed to use guns. Can stay afloat if properly instructed in the use of a life jacket. Talks to walls.

        Sergeant: Falls over doorsteps when trying to enter buildings. Points and says, "Look at the pretty fire engine". Wets himself with a water pistol. Plays in mud puddles. Mumbles to himself.

        Firefighter: Lifts buildings and walks under them. Kicks fire engines and equipment out of his way. Catches speeding bullets in his teeth and eats them. Freezes water with a single glance. He is God.

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          that`s even better!


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            I like this one.

            Three firefighters went out on a hunting trip. There was a rookie, a captain, and a chief. The weather was
            misrable and they hadn't seen any deer all day. They came across an old shack where they went inside to play
            a game of poker. After loosing a couple of hands, the rookie threw down his cards and said "that does it! I am
            going out to get me a deer." Fifteen minutes later, the rookie came back with a nice four point buck. The
            captain and chief asked, "how did you get that?" The rookie replied, "I walked out fifty feet, followed some
            tracks and shot this buck". The captain then said, "I've had enough of this I am going to get my deer." He
            came back a half hour later with a 6-point buck. The chief asked, "how did you get that?" The captain replied,
            "I walked out a hundred feet, followed some tracks and shot this buck." The chief not wanting to be out done
            said "I am out of here, I am going to bag the biggest buck of the day." He came back an hour later, all mangled
            up and bloody. The rookie and captain asked, "what happened to you?" The chief replied, "I walked out there
            five hundred feet, followed some tracks, and got hit by a train."
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            These are my opinions and do not reflect the views of my department.


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