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  • Micro-Blaze-Out???

    Has anyone had any experiance with a "foam like" product called Micro-Blaze-Out?

    Looking for some information and specifics on how good or bad it worked, on either class "A" or class "B" fires.

    Has anyone used it with CAFS?

    Again, Pros and Cons?

    Capt. Lou
    "Got Foam"

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    We have used it some(like 5 to 10 times) mainly on spills. It does work very well in disolving the spill with no damage to the enviroment around it. We have never used it on a major Class B fire in the 6 years we have had it due to the fact we have not had one, but if we do I will post back on how it worked. It does work good on class A fires and it worked well on a small Class B fire. We use it with regular eductors at the recomended % for the type of fire. I would also like to know how it works with CAFS. The one draw back we have found is the price about $132.00 per 5 gallon pail. The web site for them is: www.micro-blaze.com/firefighting.htm
    Also sevral other depts. in my area use the stuff and I have not heard any bad about it
    Hope the Info Helps

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      Micro blaze out is way to expensive. We use an awesome foam. It is both Class A and B and it has microbes. Plus the best part it is less than 8 bucks a gallon. It is made by Integra Environmental 713 680 1234 it is a 0.2% to 1% for Class A and 1% for Class B. Plus it has the very best can on the market. The can is clear, the can has gallons marked on the side and an easy open air bleeder. It makes great CAFS, low x and med x foam.


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        Here is the web site for Intega-Environmental.www.integraenvironmental The product is called Ambush
        Hope the info helps. I got it as quick as I could.

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          Capt. Lou, We have had some of the foam from Integra Enviromental that is called Ambush for about 2 months. We have the Ambush AB and have not used it in a fire yet, but I do know that it did jell like some class B foams do when I tested it in a small container to see.

          keep ya posted.


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            snorklesquad : High Larry

            Is this stuff UL listed foam?

            The Web sight claims the product was tested and endorsed by the Military.

            I can find no proof of any kind that this product is endorsed by the Military. It may have been tested but it did not pass the MIL spec test for Class B fires.

            Lots of juice companies out there folks. Do your homework on which ones either pass the MIL spec testing or UL.

            Just my two cents worth

            No Larry, I do not sell any type of Foam or emulsifier.
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