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  • Brunacini quote

    I was told awhile back that Brunacini once said something along the lines of "the modern day fire department is an EMS provider that occasionally puts out fires". Has anyone heard this before and if so I need a some info on when and where? Thanks

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    I see an East VS West post starting.

    I never heard that quote before, it may have been taken out of context.

    Try the east meets west videos from FDIC


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      I was sent to one of Brunacini's seminars here in Texas. He preaches on the high end of "Customer Service", but I do not recall him making the remark you refered to.


      These statements and opinions are mine and do not represent the organization I am affiliated with or IAFF Local 3358

      Comments and opinions are mine and do not represent the agency or IAFF local that I am affiliated with.


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        I've heard him quoted as saying "I spoke with God and She said all Fire Engines were to be Red and have CAFS"

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        Negative, I am a meat popsicle.


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          Haven't heard him say that one about EMS, but I did hear him say at a seminar:

          "beware of chiefs who say, don't do anything until I get there."


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            I dont remember him saying that, but he was up in out county for a seminar. He is really a great speaker, and defiantly knows what he is talkin about!
            -Stay Safe


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              Thanks for the post, everybody. I'm still researching.

              hey iresq: green?


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                Al Brunacini is a disgrace to the fire service and is one of the many people out there attempting to ruin the fire service.
                We can never eliminate fires, or the danger associated with them, so all we can do is BE GOOD AT IT. Which as the years go on, it gets harder and harder to do.


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                  I don't see how Brunacini is ruining the fire service. Personally, I like him...but I don't see that he really started anything.

                  ICS existed before him and is a good thing anyway. All this customer service stuff was going on long before Brunacini, he just applied a name to it.

                  So how is it that Brunacini is ruining the fire service?


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                    Well, for one thing, dumb@ssess like Ronnie Few follow his word like the gospel, and generally foul everything up.

                    You can't put the cart before the horse...quality customer service begins with quality SERVICE...efficient fire suppression. If you can't do that, do not pass go, do not collect $200...go back to the academy and try again.

                    Anyone who runs a department that can take a a trash fire in the rear of a building, and wind up with a dead fireman, might need to rethink the department's priorities.

                    (God bless our brother's soul)


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                      With all due respect, Double, it's pretty cowardly to post on this site without so much as stating where you work in your profile...and then insinuate that Brunacini is responsible for the death of this firefighter. Especially when you present just enough of the story to make it sound like the first engine there was fighting a trash fire. Yes, the person who called 911 reported a trash fire, but that isn't what they had...an alarm was put on the call before the first unit arrived simply because of the smoke conditions that could be seen distant from the structure.

                      Phoenix isn't the only fire department that has lost a firefighter. I guess we could name some more departments if you want to. I'm not really sure that is necessary though. Is Brunacini's influence somehow responsible for their deaths also?

                      Do you know the priorities of the Phoenix FD? Are you familiar with their training academy and continued training? If you are, then by all means share your information and tell us what you think the deficiencies are. ...But I have a whole lot more respect for someone who isn't afraid to be visible and will talk openly and honestly about his department then someone from anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

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                        Washington, DC

                        Well for one, I work for the worst fire department in the country, according to "Dr." carl holmes. By his measure, the best fire department in the world is the Phoenix fire department.

                        My department has killed more than its share of firemen, and likely will continue to do so...all of our "out of service" training for the last year has consisted of "tyra hunter diversity training", "customer service training", "ems form 151 training", and possibly something else I can't remember.

                        The problem with my department, and many others, is that we have chiefs that are far more concerned with creating a resume for working the speaking circuit than they are about taking care of their department. Hell, sometimes i think they make up $hit just so they can write an article in some magazine.

                        My dumb*** chief, Ronnie Few, has basically no management skills, but he can take a few ideas from the "fire god" a brunacini and think he's doing a good job.

                        I have no Idea what the phoenix fd's priorities are, but I'm pretty sure that a brunacini's priorities are fattening his pockets on the lecture circuit.

                        I don't know exactly what they had on arrival, but I know that they found the poor bastard who died FOUR times, and left him in there three of them. Fourth time was a little too late. Seems like a problem to me.

                        I doubt my department is incapable of doing something equally ludicrous, but I'd like to think so.

                        In short, A brunacini may well be a great chief, but I wished he'd quit trying to sell HIS way as THE way to other stupid chiefs.


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                          In short, A brunacini may well be a great chief, but I wished he'd quit trying to sell HIS way as THE way to other stupid chiefs.
                          I couldn't agree more with this statement.


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                            Hey Double...Fair enough, good reply back by the way.


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                              Can anyone say CULT OF PERSONALITY? Bruno has been traveling the country speaking to groups of willing sycophants who do everything short of throwing their panties onto the stage. And thats what most Fire Chiefs that think Alan is all knowing wear......PANTIES

                              I saw him speak in 1983 and thought he applied sound business practices to the fire service. I was spell bound until the toluline tank incident, followed shortly by the carpet warehouse captain almost offing himself. His department makes mistakes just like we all do. But he's too busy traveling the globe selling snake oil to the locals and making a handsome profit doing so to fix them.

                              Yep, I've seen these spell bound Chiefs who think bruno knows all.........Most are college educated, and lack a spine of their own. They travel the country doing five year stints as alleged fire chiefs, mucking up the waters just enough to escape to the next town to do the same again.

                              The REAL PROBLEM lies with the city and county managers who play these fools like the punks they are...... Thats my opinion and i'm stickin to it..........Jake


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