I just finished reading about the four jakes in Delaware who were injured in a fire, and nobody knew of the problem, thanks to a failure of the state's 800 MHz system.

Here is the link, in case you missed that story: http://www.firehouse.com/news/2001/6/15_trapped.html

A Battalion Chief in Kansas City died, in part due to the failure of the 800 MHz system. Other FF's in KC have been injured, and the KCPD has also had several near misses with the 800 MHz system.

I am sure there have been other incidents around the country similar to this. I just don't have any first hand knowledge of such.

My question is this: Is the use of 800 MHz radio systems really "progress"? It's a fine concept, and it works adequately for cell phones. But if a downed firefighter cannot call for help... c'mon! You be the judge.

Let us never, ever forget those of us that have gone before us in the line of duty. Because those brave souls have given all, it is up to us to always keep them alive in our hearts and our memories.

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