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  • File this under "People are Morons"

    Apparently you cannot post from on line newspapers even with credit given!!

    Either way, some nutball out in San Fran used a bicycle lock to lock her neck to a billboard on top of a 10 story building. She then proceeds to sue the fire and pd over excessive force and traumatic stress.
    This is really starting to aggravate me.

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    Only in San Francisco...


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      This could be filed under M for moron or N for nutcase!

      Better yet, place it in both files!

      Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting everyone's tomorrows!
      Captain Gonzo


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        Apparently you cannot post from on line newspapers even with credit given!!

        You could post the link.

        She then proceeds to sue the fire and pd over excessive force and traumatic stress.

        In San Fran she'll probably win. They should have left her there, just built a box around here so no one could see her.

        Vote democrat - your stupidity and other problems are always someone elses fault!


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          Here ya go mongo,: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...3/MN230964.DTL

          I hope that works. If not, go to www.withthecommand.com and look under legal issues. Activist sues FD.


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            Makes me just want to go rescue some stupid idiot so that I can get sued also!


            I hope that this senseless cycle of passing the buck stops, and that people will be held accountable for their own actions. The court should find against the plaintiff, and also make the plaintiff pay for the wages for the police officer's and firefighter's time while there, plus fuel costs, wear and tear, etc. Danger pay too, huh?

            Let us never, ever forget those of us that have gone before us in the line of duty. Because those brave souls have given all, it is up to us to always keep them alive in our hearts and our memories.



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              The following excerpt, with link to original source, is posted for purposes of criticism & comment under the fair use provisions of United States Code Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107.

              An anti-fur activist who put a bicycle lock around her neck and attached it to a billboard has sued San Francisco, claiming firefighters "inflicted emotional distress" when they tried to coax her down.

              Andrea Lindsay also wants damages for alleged assault and battery, contending that her back, head and neck were injured by a firefighter who was trying to detach her from the Union Square sign.

              While activists frequently sue police officers for alleged battery that occurs during protests, authorities in San Francisco say no one in recent memory has sued a firefighter.

              Among other things, the Daly City resident says several police and fire officials at the scene made expletive-laden demands for her to get off the billboard, which made her feel "concerned for her safety."

              "Defendants knew or should have known that intimidating, harassing, mocking and physically injuring would cause plaintiff serious emotional distress and mental anguish," Lindsay alleges in the lawsuit filed in San Francisco Superior Court.

              City attorney's office spokesman Nathan Ballard called the allegations "totally unsubstantiated and unverified."

              "She admits that she chained herself to a billboard 50 feet in the air and now she wants us to feel 'concerned for her safety' when the Fire Department comes to rescue her," Ballard said. "We'll have to see what a jury thinks about that."


              Lindsay claims harsh words from firefighters progressed to battery. The lawsuit accuses authorities of tearing out two of her earrings and causing her head to bleed.

              Specifically, she says firefighter Ken Hoover "maliciously and intentionally" forced her feet off the billboard scaffolding, "leaving plaintiff hanging by her neck through the bike lock."


              E-mail Peter Hartlaub at [email protected]
              ©2001 San Francisco Chronicle Page A - 17 Chronicle

              Rest of article is or was available at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...3/MN230964.DTL



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                Thanks SFD! Also thanks for the www.withthecommand.com web site, didn't know about that one.


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                  Thank your local liberal for this crap. To bad all these years of liberalism have done nothing more then enable people like this to get away with this sort of stuff. Thats ok, up where i live they are burning down SUV dealerships as a way to protest emissions pollution to the environment, where is the logic in that one? Just think, people like this one end up as your school teachers, your future leaders of america and so on, kind of scary isnt it? I still think that the police should have used the bean bag guns to get her down, or perhaps let the fire fighters cut loose with the old deck gun. We had a guy up here stick his big butt up on the federal building entrance and was even photographed by the local sympathetic news stations while taking a dump off the ledge and onto the ground in front of the public entrance. Awwhh, isnt activism great and to think that our tax payer dollars keep these people fed.

                  Stay safe out there.


                  These are my opinions and reflect nothing of my department.

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                    Thanks for reposting that Mongo. Thats what I did the first time and managed to p!ss in somebodys cheerios.
                    Either way, I look at it like the cat in a tree. Sooner or later, she'll come down. I particularly like the part about the pigeon droppings!!!!!!! I can just picture my engine guys on the roof with popcorn for the birds. Thats nasty, ya know...........


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                      I'm not from SF or LA or any other town in Cal that starts with a Los , San, or El. I'm
                      from the Big Valley where we still have a sense of reality (sort of). I think that these "tree huggin, lizzard lovin, commie supportin, sandal wearin, bed wetters, should be staked to the ground naked and gone over once or twice with a Weed Eater. This kind of crap makes me want to toss everything out into the street, pack up my belongings (including my guns) and move the hell outta here. I am ashamed this kind of **** is allowed to happen. I apologize for every red blooded american living in this overly pacifistic state. That is all !!
                      Snowball out!!!!!!!!

                      ??? Did I say that ???


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                        Hey snowball, don't post that you have guns in CA, BATF will track you down and try to take them from you.


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                          We always wonder why you don't see cat skeletons up in trees hmmm, could it be the same for people on bill boards? Just so I have this right, she was ten stories up? Whats the problem, take down the banner and nobody will notice her, she will come down, then arrest her for tresspassing.

                          Stay safe

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