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    Over the last few weeks many forum users have become inflamed over the comments from a handful of other users, including several in particular.

    Unfortunately, rather than going through an appropriate process (except a few people) they chose to return what they believed as an attack with one in return, sometimes threatening bodily harm or implying it.

    This will cease immediately.

    Several users have been permenantly banned from the Firehouse.com forums. And while we're sure they will come back with other aliaes, we encourage those users who aern't the problem to report such activity.

    Returning an attack with an attack isn't going to accomplish anything ... not on the fireground, not in the fire station and not here.

    Thank you. And to the vast majority of the nearly 16,000 users who do participate daily without making derogatory statements about each other, we welcome you to continue on.

    The Firehouse.com Forums are meant to be primarily an open discussion, and sometimes in the heat of a discussion words are exchanged as anywhere else. But there is a difference between someone voicing their opinion (even strongly) and you disagreeing, then you disagreeing then replying with the intent only to further stir the pot rather than stop it and proporgate positive discussion.

    Lastly, any forum member must have a valid e-mail address available to view by other users. If you have an issue with this requirement, use a hotmail or other somewhat 'anonymous' account.

    Remember that all IP addresses are logged, and anything construed as a physical threat will be pursued if requested by the other party and your true identity can and will be found if requested by legal officials.

    All we act is that you respect others opinions, no matter how strongly or even incorrect or inaccurate as they are, and respond constructively and without taking every little detail personally and returning fire ten-fold.

    Thank you
    And yes, we are all firefighters too.


    [This message has been edited by WebTeam (edited 06-07-2001).]

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