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    You know it's bad when : "the rats aren't trying to bite you when you're on the way in."


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      Alright, I'm in, try these on:

      Fire does not care if you are paid or volunteer....

      Fire does not care what kind of gear you wear or how much that new apparatus cost....

      Fire does not care how old you are...

      Fire is unforgiving...

      and, last but not least,

      Fire is put down by courage and water. (not necessarily it that order!)

      On the lighter side..........

      You just might be on a redneck volunteer fire department if...

      1) You have to stop enroute to put out your truck,

      2) Your truck smokes more than the fire you are enroute to,

      3) Your fire chief and newest apparatus have the same birthday,

      4) You don't have five kids---you have a truck company manned by junior ff's--Woohoo!

      5) Your kids all dress in red and black--and look forward to you going to work!

      Have more, thinking of putting it all together and posting online.
      Oklahoma Bound!


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        Oklahoma Bound!


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          I know this is a long one and I have posted it before, but it rings so true and I read it everyday before going to work. It's not really a saying I guess but it has impact.

          THE ENEMY

          I am more powerful than the combined armies of the world.
          I have destroyed more men, women and children than all the
          wars of all the nations. I massacre thousands of people every year. I am more deadly than bullets and I have wrecked more
          homes than the mightiest guns.

          In the United States alone, I steal over 1 billion dollars each
          Year. I spare no one and find my victims among the rich and poor, the young and old and the strong and the weak. Widows
          know me to their everlasting sorrow. I loom up in such proportions that I cast my shadow over every field of labor.

          I lurk in unseen places and do most of my work silently. You
          Are warned against me, yet you heed me not. I am relentless,
          Merciless and cruel. I am everywhere, in the home, in the schools, in the factories, on land, on sea and in the air.

          I bring sickness, degradation and death. Yet few seek me out to destroy me. I crush, I maim, I devastate. I will give you nothing and rob you of all you have.

          I AM RAMPANT FIRE.

          Author Unknown


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            this one needs no explaining
            shake trees - rake leaves
            Summerville Vol Fire Dept
            Pride In Service !


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              Had a instructor that always used to say"The mind can only retain what the *** can endure"
              May we ride into the darkness only to return as safe as we started!!


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                2 favorites from work... "stupidity should be painful", and "gravity sux!"
                Jim Edge, Paramedic/Firefighter
                Wilmington NC
                [email protected]
                In Memory and Honor of FDNY, NYPD, and NYC EMS 9/11/01


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                  Right On...........


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                    Here are four that should be lived by:

                    1. Don't pee into the wind.

                    2. Don't try to back uphill in the snow.

                    3. " A good plan, violently executed NOW, is better than a perfect plan next week."
                    George S. Patton

                    4. " The adage "Where there's smoke there's fire", is best not used as a management tool. According to the Laws of Physics and the Theorems of Fire Science, it is impossible to kindle the spirit by blowing smoke up the rectum."
                    Chief Slusser

                    Be safe, then be brave.


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                      Bustin' ours to save yours!


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                        These are Timeless Tactical Truths that I have accumulated from various sources:

                        • The only safe assumption is to assume the worst.

                        • Don't stand too close to the guys who are always bandaged up.

                        • You can't save anyone if you are a victim.

                        • If the lenses on the lightbar melt, you parked too close.

                        • In most cases, extinguishing the fire solves the majority of the problems.

                        • Effective analysis must always be mixed with water in order to put out the fire.

                        • Don't ever develop a plan that is so smart that you can't explain it to the people who have to carry it out.

                        • There are no "time-outs" at a fire scene.

                        • Fire trucks should not be fueled on the way to the fire.

                        • The Incident Commander should be the first person who thinks a fire is burning and the last person to believe that it is out.

                        • The citizen who always beats you to the fires is probably setting them.

                        • Safety zones and escape routes work best when everyone knows where they are.

                        • If the fire isn't going out, you're not putting enough water on it.

                        • Avoid situations that are so exciting that you don't survive.

                        • Instructions are most effective when they are understood.

                        • The very worst plan is no plan; the next worst plan is two plans.

                        • If you have a lot of ideas, you need a lot of equipment.

                        • Very little on the fire ground falls up.

                        • The only thing that will impress a fire is well-placed force.

                        • If a helicopter drops water 50 feet from where you're standing, you're in the wrong place.

                        • Safety prevents meetings.

                        • You can fool the spectators, but you can't fool the players.

                        • Be careful who you give water to.

                        • Retreats are far superior to funerals.

                        • You can't outwait a fire.

                        • If you aren't dressed to play, stay in the bleachers and off the field.

                        • Don't assume that you're communicating just because you're talking.

                        • The longer you take to make a decision, the fewer options you will have.

                        • The more time that has elapsed since the last fire is less time until the next one.

                        • The only thing that won't burn is dirt.

                        • Dirt WILL burn if you're fighting fire in a peat bog.
                        (Will Watson, Fire Chief, Standish, Maine)

                        • If it CAN burn, it WILL burn.

                        • When the wind picks up, something will happen.

                        • Never challenge a fire to a foot race.
                        Asst. Chief Bill

                        International Order of the Fraternal Brotherhood of the Club

                        Somewhere in or near north central Creek County, Oklahoma


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                          From my old Forest Fire section warden in NJ:

                          The world's full of a--holes and idiots. The real fun is trying to separate the two.
                          Hey, stay safe.


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                            These are a scream guys!!!!Now some of mine...
                            Fear of death is worse than death itself
                            I thought YOU set the brake!
                            the closest hydrant is the hidden one
                            If your officer wont do what he asks of you...dont do it!
                            The more we sweat in training the less we bleed in combat!(Demo Dick from SEAL team 6)
                            I know what right of way is...I am right and your in the damn way!
                            If the door dont open get a bigger axe
                            Saws are for sissies
                            The 300 lb man or woman ALWAYS lives on the top floor
                            If the wound makes you sick put more bandages on it till it dont
                            Sucks to be them
                            and my favorite in recent times due to some less smart members of our company....
                            Where do they find them and why are we letting them in???
                            100 years of tradition unimpeded by progress (and people with no clue)


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                              YOU BETTER TAKE THE SAW IN CASE THE AXE DON'T WORK


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                                Sometimes a majority means that all the fools are on the same side.


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