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NFPA & IAFC -- dissension in the ranks?? I hope not!

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  • NFPA & IAFC -- dissension in the ranks?? I hope not!

    I hope this is a prank. This seems like sore losers. I received this off an email list. I find myself wondering why the author did not sign it though?



    Fire Officials;

    There is a grass roots movement being initiated nation-wide.

    The purpose is to CANCEL OR NOT RENEW NFPA or IAFC membership and BOYCOTT the IAFC Annual Conference and the NFPA Conferences.

    The treatment given at the NFPA Annual Meeting in Anaheim the middle of May to Fire Chiefs is at best a VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

    Fire Service Manager, Approximately 1,043 fire service management personnel are already currently reviewing their options and benefits to belonging after having been informed of what had transpired in Anaheim and what was said by the IAFC Executive Board members. All 50 state municipal leagues are being requested to also review the benefits of membership in the IAFC and NFPA.

    As we are forwarding this message to fire service management personnel on our email lists, you are requested to give serious thought into, and also forward this to fire service management personnel on your E-mail list:

    1. Are you disappointed with the positions the IAFC have taken on issues that affect you as the local Fire Chief?

    2. Has the IAFC lost track of what their membership and you want?

    3. Should the Executive Director of the IAFC be replaced with a person who really represents Fire Service Management?

    4. Are the benefits you, as the local fire service official, receive from the IAFC and NFPA actually benefiting you and your agency, or has "Big Brother" stepped in to negate your wisdom, knowledge and local control of the municipal fire department?

    5. Are those benefits worth the price your taxpayers shell out through you for dues and membership?

    6. With the advent of the Internet, Bulletin Boards, and E-mail, are you receiving the same or better information than you currently receive from the NFPA AND THE IAFC?

    7. Has the NFPA and the IAFC negated local and state home-rule?

    8. Has the NFPA and the IAFC negated collective bargaining?

    9. Has the NFPA and the IAFC forced upon the local taxpayer, without the benefit of local input from the elected and appointed officials that represent their community, restrictions and requirements upon the management of the local fire department without proper and fair input from their local membership?

    10. Is standing by the positions of both the IAFC and the NFPA worth the grief you as a management representative are going to receive from the National League of Cities (NLC), the International Association of City Managers (ICMA) and your own State Municipal Leagues and Local Elected Officials who we
    might add, are your supervisors?

    11. Are you realistically going to be able to comply with NFPA 1710 and 1720 without raising taxes, hiring many additional staff, dramatically improve services, merge with adjacent municipalities or convert to a combination department with a minimum of taxpayer revolt, elected officials questioning the needs, and labor/management relations including collective bargaining?

    12. Do you feel the Executive Board of the IAFC should have conducted a membership poll to ascertain the needs and desires of the local membership prior to endorsing the provisions of NFPA 1710 & 1720?

    13. Do you feel, as a fire service manager, that the IAFC and NFPA stifled opposition and negative remarks or questions about NFPA 1710 & 1720?

    If the answers to any one question is YES, then you as a Fire Service Manager MUST logically review utilizing taxpayer dollars to fund organizations that DO NOT REPRESENT YOU OR YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY. You as a Fire Service Manager must also logically analyze your local communities need for paying dues to these organizations that are NOT responsive to local needs and home rule authority.

    By NOT renewing membership in these two organizations, you will send a message that is loud and clear to the Executive Boards of those organizations that they have lost touch in what their membership needs and can utilize, that they have stepped on local management issues which is outside their scope of authority, and that public funds are being utilized to increase the burden already placed on local taxpayers.

    Management decisions and policy should always be within the purview of local government. If management impacts are imposed on local units of government by outside agencies, then those agencies must provide the hard dollars to implement those policies and requirements.

    You, as a Fire Service Manager, are being requested to read, evaluate and forward this E-Mail to everyone on your E-Mail list. For us, as the local fire service manager, to have an affect and effect on our national associations, we must stand together and send a very clear message that we are displeased, angry and upset with their involvement in local issues.

    Thank you from the National Coalition for Home Rule Fire Service Management (CHRISM).


    Let us never, ever forget those of us that have gone before us in the line of duty. Because those brave souls have given all, it is up to us to always keep them alive in our hearts and our memories.


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    I believe that if this was a legitimate organization, the author of the letter would have the intestinal fortitude to put his name on the letter.

    Chances are, it was written by a Chief who cowers at the whims of the politicians in town, who is afraid that the personnel staffing and accountability standards of NFPA 1710 (which was supported by the IAFF) and 1720 will undermine his authority and in general, who wants to keep running his fire department like his own little fiefdom.

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting everyone's tomorrows!
    Captain Gonzo


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      I think is probably from the City Managers organization. They don't want to be able to spend 1.5 million for a new firehouse and not staff it. It's obviously an off shoot from the 1710 stuff...


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        As far as the new 1710 regs go, our city manager could care less. He does what he wants regardless.

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