This made me chuckle...obviously an ex-Military recruiter with a warped sense of humor now works for the National Parks. I found it humorous anyways!

Join the

and work in the most beautiful and unique places in America.

Why Work for the National Park Service?

If you love the outdoors you can enjoy the challenge of protecting our
natural, cultural, and recreational resources. Live in beautiful places,
look out your back door at Yosemite Falls, walk the rim of the Grand Canyon,
explore prehistoric ruins in Mesa Verde, trace footsteps of Generals Lee and
Grant at Civil War sites, hear surf crashing at Point Reyes National
Seashore, experience never ending wilderness in Alaska, and discover
peacefulness at Indiana Dunes Park near the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

And the punchline is...
Career Opportunities

The National Park Service has a variety of excellent career advancement

Firefighters * Fire Use Module Crew * Engine Crew * Helitack *
Dispatchers * Forestry Technicians * Ecologists * GIS Specialists *
Wildfire Specialists * Biological Techs * Fire Education/Prevention

Hmmmm, join to watch the greatest natural wonders...burn.