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Strippers help FD with apparatus purchase...

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    Timmer, you're right, Freedom of Speech is in the Constitution as well. But I don't think it says anything about forcing your views, or expecting everyone else to go along with your views. But this is a whole other topic. I still say kudos to the dept for being creative, and congrats for getting their new apparatus!

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      Something else you need to consider here is that this is not just the "community" supporting the local Fire Department. Of the 150 Sparta, KY residetns, do you really think they make the biggest part of the clientele at the club? I am sure the majority are from nearby towns or visitors to the new race facility who normally would provide no support to the local fire department. Were it not for the efforts of the club, none of this money would go toward Sparta's Fire Department. Yet, if a visitor's car caught fire, you know who would have to deal with it.

      I also wanted to clear up an earlier post. In this case, the dancers are working in the club, NOT in the Fire Station. I do have a little problem with uniformed firefighters passing the boot in the club. I hope the club and the Fire Department make sure that this is done while the entertainers are clothed to avoid any embarrassing video or photographs secretly being taken. As long as they are careful in that regard, it is just another "legal" business in their community. You work with what you have.


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        yep a whole different discussion indeed. But some how I thought a forum was just that, to express ideas and opinions. If not what is the point? Besides, no one was trying to force religion on anyone else simply a statement (opinion). I will comment not on this again (in this thread). Don't cinch those suspenders so tight.
        Yep that's my opinion. Just mine.


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          Fund Raising GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

          Strippers GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Fire Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Is that FD excepting applications?



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            Originally posted by tinner:

            Morals, Values and the TEN COMMANDMENTS, of course Liberals never want to be
            confronted by any of those "words". Truth.<

            I remember one something about steeling. Hopefully they aren't doing what

            firefighter26 said
            >It isn't anymore "dirty" then getting money from taxes, is it? At least it was given freely, no taken.<

            and applied for the FIRE Act money, and then complain about this.

            Brian Dunlap, I hope, that if that is the best understanding of what what was writen that you didn't fill out the FIRE Act application for your dept. (and expect to get it)
            The strippers weren't at the fire house.
            Pay attention, I say pay attention boy.

            I think some big chicken on a cartoon said that.

            Yep, that's my opinion. Just mine.
            I Appoligize ...I didn't read fully into the article...My "Big Chicken Wings got in the
            way" ..And No I didn't fill out the Grant Application....That's a Chief's Job

            OVER-ALL CHAMPIONS 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2000 !!

            ***The Opinions expressed here are strictly my own and do not reflect those of the Department to which I am a Member ! ***


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              Quote:>CFD... don't forget that even Jesus was known to associate with people that you seem to have labeled as undesirables. As long as we maintain OUR standards personally and as a department, I fail to see how something like this could be a bad thing. Remember, we're not perfect either and a sin is a sin. To quote Jesus, as written in John 8:7, "...'If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone...'" (quoted from NIV).<

              I won't ever forget that Jesus spent much of his 33 years among sinners. He was and is the only One to lead a sinless life. I would never assume that I am perfect (you're word not mine) or without sin. Jesus also told a prostitute that was brought before him for judgement to "Go, and sin no more." Good Advice for everyone, don't you think? Why do you suppose Jesus spent His short time on Earth amongst sinners and as you said "less desirables"?...



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                Let's lighten up guys(and gals).I give a big thumbs up to the club and the F.D.
                always remember:adapt and overcome!!!!!!!!!!


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                  I thank it is grate that the stripers care about the fire dept and the city to raise money for a new engine.I am sick in tired of people who bad mouth every thang a fire dept does but they will not give any money or volintere to help.


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                    First, NASCAR did not build the track. In fact they had nothing to do with it. Former Turfway Park owner Jerry Carroll built it hoping to attract NASCAR racing to Northern Kentucky. He raised the money himself. Sparta
                    gave him a break on taxes so that he could afford to build the track, which has injected loads of money into the local economy.
                    Second, wake up. The first volunteer firehouses 150 years ago were home to all kinds of debauchery. Strippers and firemen are not a new thing, or necessarily a bad thing. This sounds pretty clean to me. The girls are obviously concerned about their community. Why shouldn't they be able to contribute to it? The club is legal there, after all.
                    Third, most professional fire departments banned beer in the firehouse only ten years ago.
                    Leave the girls alone. They have as much right to help as anybody else.
                    Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.


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                      This is my take on it. Apparantly that dept is similar to mine. We don't get fully funded by taxes. We couldn't even operate on the money we get from our county, let alone make all of our apparatus purchases. We have to accept money from any source that we can in order to survive. We don't have any strip clubs anywhere near us, but if we did, and they offered to give us donations raised at their club, We glady take them, and thank them for thier generosity. That's what this is all about. I have to say that I would not want our members actually participating in the collection of the money. But that's based upon how I feel members of MY community would look upon it. But I would accept the donations, and would not try to hide the fact that the club was offering support to us. (I would not try to solicit the support of the club though) Apparantly it doesn't seem to be a problem with that community and if they are not bothered why should anyone else be. If you don't agree with the morality of exotic dancing, that's fine, but don't let that make you put down a struggling fire department for accepting money offered to them so that they can provide services to the citizens. The bottom line as far as I'm concerned is, If your department is lucky enough that you don't have to worry about where the money for your next apparatus, or equipment purchase, or fuel bill comes from, please don't look down upon those departments that do have to survive on a shoestring budget and cannot turn down any money that is offered to them, as long as no laws were broken.


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                        Welcome to the new millenium! I personally feel that there is no problem with businesses donating money to help their local FD's, even if it is a strip club. So what! To me it just shows what kind of support the town has for there public agencies.


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                          If the community, the track owners, the county, the state, the local churches, the rest of the local business community, NASCAR, the local temperance union, or whoever else thinks they have an interest in this has a problem with financing a rig with the help of the local strippers, then they have a simple two part option...

                          Put up the cash to properly finance the local fire fighting operation or shut up and live with the way that the fire company has found to do the community's job for it.

                          'nuff said, I think.

                          [This message has been edited by Bob Snyder (edited 05-29-2001).]


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                            I don't see anything wrong with the girls taking donations. It's probably not the best situation to have the department show up in uniform and take the money, then they become the solicitors (no pun intended).

                            I might suggest that our local "gentlemen's club" do the same thing. The locals keep trying to shut the place down even though there has not been one incident of any type since they opened (They won their latest battle in court). Maybe a little positive PR would help the club AND the fire department.

                            But like I said, the FD should accept the donations, not go in collecting them.


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                              I can't say that any fire department ever has enough money. I think any donations to the fire service today is more than welcome, and is appreciated by many. Yea, maybe a strip club is not everyone's favorite hangout, but if they want to help, why not. Would you turn down the donation if they offered it? I think its a great idea, and if its working for them, even better! I like to see businesses helping their local fire depts, because all to often in this time, support from the community is lacking in places. Go Girls! Good luck to Sparta FD and all FDs in future fundraising efforts.

                              Stay Safe

                              -Be Safe
                              (The above comments do not reflect those of my department or other members)


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                                I just read the story and then looked on the map to see where Sparta was. It's centrally located between Louisville, Lexington and Cincinatti, which if I was a developer who wanted to build a large race track would be very appealing. I think that it was fine to accept the donation but I DON'T think that they should have done it in the manner they did. If the strip club wanted to raise money and make a donation then great! But the FireFighters should not have gone in there in their GEAR to collect money! That makes the department look bad to the public. And in todays world public relations is just as important as putting the fire out in someones house.

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