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    Anyone here work for a tradition buster? Let me describe the symptoms

    1. Take away badge numbers, the #'s that are passed from Father to Son.

    2. No Leather helmets. Only really good firemen wear em, so we gotta get rid of em to bring in the slugs.......

    3. roles not defined. i.e. engine, truck, ems, safe place haven, birthday party attender, customer service rep, haz-mat,

    Just want to know if the fire service is under attack anyplace else........its a bad virus, but a powerful drug is being developed for this malady.

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    How about when tradition busters refuse to learn from the lessons of past mistakes, be them on your department or somewhere elses. No, we have to do it anyway, even though it is proven to be a failed program. And any research on a new program, why, we don't need to research an idea. Let's commit all resources into something that will likely flop on its own!

    Let us never, ever forget those of us that have gone before us in the line of duty. Because those brave souls have given all, it is up to us to always keep them alive in our hearts and our memories.



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      Jimbo, this question should be reworded to state: "Is anyone out there NOT working for a tradition buster?"!!!!!! They seem to be everywhere these days!!


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        Don't we all? All I do when the tones come in is go out get on the apparatus and take care of business.......


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          but the reality is, what can we really do to stop it? How can we truly keep the flame alive? It seems like a loosing battle....


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            I agree with you 100%. He11 yeah we're under attack. Even on this forum, I'm surprised the "progressive" bunch hasn't beaten you up yet. Thought for sure you'd have been called a dinosaur or had someone suggest you retire by now.

            We still have badge numbers, can't imagine doing away with them. As far as the leather...they can have mine when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. Leather forever, plastic is for tupperware!

            Yeah, they keep on piling up the b.s. "busy work" for us too. Most of it detracts and distracts from the real job, firefighting, but we just try to knock it out as quickly as possible and keep the brass happy. We haven't gone "total quint" like you guys. BTW, very nice article in Fire Engineering. How refreshing to see a balanced look at the issue.

            So uh...what is the powerful remedy you refer to?

            How can we truly keep the flame alive? My opinion -
            You give the answer in your question, it comes from within. Why is tradition important? For me, it is to live up to the high standards and to honor the sacrifices made by those who were here before us. Hold on to as much tradition as you personally can. Stay focused on firefighting as the core mission of the F.D. and reason for it's existence. Do the job to the best of your ability each shift and then some.

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