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How's this for excitement?

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  • How's this for excitement?

    Here is a story that will get your blood pumping.............

    During severe weather last night, two neighboring departments were dispatched to an M.V.A. with injuries. Two intoxicated males in a small car pulled out in front of a semi on the highway. The semi all but takes the front of the car off before overturning and sliding down the highway.

    When the first department arrived, they found a destroyed car with the engine totally removed and a semi several hundred feet down the road on it's side. Just as they start to "go to work", they hear the weather siren in the city across the river from their location..........followed shortly by their base announcing "TORNADO ON THE GROUND". Everyone on scene turns to the south an easily spot the twister about 1 mile away.


    Fortunatly for everyone on scene, the tornado was traveling east in an unpopulated area.


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    I can think of a few explitives I would use during a situation like that. Away from the patient of course. Severe sphincter pucker time.


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      I believe Homer Simpson said it best:


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        That would definately suck.

        Never been in a tornado but Ive workled calls on interstate 70 wheere theer was nothing but fog, 50-60 wrecked cars and all I hear is a truck slamming into my scene and I dont know where from.

        One of my best friends just had his leg shattered on a call like this in march. Got run over by a tow truck which then killed 2 people that got out of their cars after the first wreck and were walking to get into the state patrol cruiser.

        Pucker factor was about 100 not just 10!


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