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    Need help. A local department is asking my dept. for daytime coverage. They are willing to pay on a per call basis. Does anybody charge by call ? If so what are rates for Truck, engine, manpower ? Thanks.

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    doesnt this department have any district agreements with surrounding towns, im in NJ also and days are rough here and in any volly town im sure, but for some of the towns around me where the one town has noone during the day and the other towns close by have a decent turn out they should try to get a daytime run mutual aid agreement, once they start paying another district to respond during the day your own guys might get PO'd that the arent getting paid, just a thought, but i would try to get a mutual aid agreement, i think another town would be glad to help you out.
    good luck and stay safe


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      Our reimbursment rates are as follows.

      Working fire rural or municipal assist $500.00 per hour / per unit or any portion there of.

      Responce to Railway owned lands, $650 per hour / per unit or any portion there of.

      Highway fires / MVA's $400.00 per hour / per unit or any portion there of. (This rate is prescribed by the Department of Transport in our area).

      Command units are not included in any fee guide.

      These rates are standard around here.

      Ladder trucks have their own rate and runs about $700.00 per hour. (We don't own one. This is what we pay when we call one in).

      Now understand that we normally don't charge anything to our neighbors nor do they charge us when we need them. Often the assists trade off. Back and forth.

      As the rail properties don't have suppression equipment and same with Department of Transport they always get and expect a bill.

      The fee guide is only in place to prevent an area from taking advantage of other departments. e.g. an area that keeps calling you out but never helps out or declines an assitance request when you need them. Just helps keep things honest.

      If we were to be contracted to service an area we would probably look at the avg number of calls in the area and set a one time annual fee.

      You can also calculate you average cost per call by taking you annual budget an fund raising dollars earned. Divide that by the number of call hours per year currently performed. Add approx 20% to this to allow for the increase call ratios and use this number as an hourly call out rate.

      Hope some of this helps


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        Maybe you shouldn't limit you research to the fire service. Their are lots of situations locally (central NJ) that have inter local agreements, and or contract services. The closest one I can think of near me is the one where the Ocean Twp. Police Dept. provides services to the Village of Loch Arbor. Just a thought, but maybe they could tell you how they figured out how much to charge for that service.

        Good Luck, and let us know how you make out.


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          We used to do this and, if I can remember correctly, our rates were as follows...

          $1.00 per $1000 of cost of apparatus

          $10.00 per hour, always rounding to the next hour.

          We have since signed a standing contract for a specified amount per quarter.


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