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Gays in Fire Service?

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    Wrong. It's only an issue if people keep making it one.

    And you actually believe we'll reach nirvana if all of us would just sit naked in a circle, hold hands and sing kum-by-ya unitl the karma feels right?

    Then all of our problems will go away?

    Get over it and get real. Many issues will never stop being issues for some people and you will always have to deal with them.

    Like I said, what rock are you sleeping under?

    >You're a little sensitive little fella aren't you.<

    Not really, only with issues of bigotry.

    What did I say that was bigoted? For that matter what did anyone posting here besides you say that was remotely bigoted?

    In reality, your statements are closer to bigotry, you might want to look up what the word means...

    Here I'll help you:

    bigot: One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ

    Now, I am comfortable with people and allowing them to express their opinions on both sides of issues - even on this one and the intolerant opinion of yours. I could care less if you are gay, straight, black, white, green or purple. Or how you feel about folks that are different from you. All we need to know to work together is that we can depend on each other to do the job when the job needs done. That is all that matters to me. You can go back and do a search and find that in all of my posts on these forums, my position is constant.

    On the otherhand, your own posting here shows you are intolerant of opinions that differ from yours. "I can't believe this is even a topic in 2001!", "true troglodyte nature", "try to be a bit more enlightend" and "Gawd! The ignorance on this board is astounding sometimes!" just serve to drive that point home. And that, amigo, is bigotry.

    Its too bad we all can't be as enlightened as the truly bigoted, uh, I mean tolerant, among us. But then again I'm glad I'm not because to be so bigoted, oops, tolerant, you have to be too intolerant? The bigoted, dang it, tolerant, allow absolutly no opposing views to be expressed, implied or even percieved in their bigoted, crap, I mean tolerant, little world they live in.

    Too many bigoted (I hate it when that happens) I mean tolerant people have us well on our way to having our personal intolerant thoughts labeled as criminal.

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      Mongo: Go get 'em.

      You are killin me man.

      I hear Seinfeld needs a replacement. You have honed your humor to a fine point - apply for the job.

      Flex on, bro...........


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        Don't ask, don't tell!!
        Sounds fair to me.


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          Rock on Mongo!
          FiremanBuck sounds like you are the one with issues here...you need to settle down, BP is on the rise...I saw nowhere in Mongo's post where he was being a bigot as you called it.


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            GO MONGO!!!

            I am also with the majority, I dont' care about a persons orientation or beliefs, as long as it does not interfere with the job at hand!


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              Killin' 'em with kindness and wit again, I see. Good one, brother. Sometimes the easiest way to point out absurdity is with more absurdity.

              Outstanding posts, brother.

              J. Black

              The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of any organization with which I am associated.


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                Not to open up a can of worms, but the arguements for/against gays and ethnic minorities are completely different from men vs women in the fire service. While I disagree with discrimination against women entering the fire service, it must be accepted that there are physiological differences between men and women. The women that have been most successful (in my experience) have accepted that there are differences, and worked at improving themselves. (I refer to the scientifically proven issue of upper body strength)

                Again, not to confuse the issue, but don't confuse ethnic/orientation issues with physiological issues.

                The only people I discriminate against are the intolerant a------s who can't deal with anyone who doesn't share the same narrow minded neanderthal outlook on lide that they have.


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                  I think that homosexuality is wrong. But that doesn't mean I hate gays. Love the person, hate the behavior. I can like and get along with anybody that treats me with the common courtesy that I give them. If the topic were to come up at work, I wouldn't tiptoe around the issue. I don't like the behavior and I think it's wrong. We don't have to agree with each other's opinion, but on the fireground, all the opinions go out the window. You watch my back, and I'll watch yours. That's just the way it is.

                  I LOVE THIS JOB!


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                    When we're makeing headway in a burning building, we're all the same---

                    WE'RE FIREFIGHTERS!

                    Let us never, ever forget those of us that have gone before us in the line of duty. Because those brave souls have given all, it is up to us to always keep them alive in our hearts and our memories.



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                      MONGO!!!! Tolerate intolerance??? Don't tolerate intolerence??? Hey, we can make that a new slogan!


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                        I hear Seinfeld needs a replacement. You have honed your humor to a fine point - apply for the job.

                        But I wasn't trying to be funny.

                        (Here's where FiremanBuck says - "you ain't funny" and maybe adds an expletive)


                        Sometimes the easiest way to point out absurdity is with more absurdity.

                        Man ain't that the truth!! And nowhere is the world more absurd than in the mind of a liberal.

                        - Kill all the babies we want, but save the whales and trees and frogs and seals and turtles and owls and skinks, and guppys and.....

                        - Guns kill people! Not the poor abused soul (I like Samuel L. Jacksons version better, but we can't say those words here) squeezing the trigger of the firearm he illegally purchased. (Note for the libs out there: less than 1% of all firearm related crimes are committed with legally purchased/owned firearms.)

                        How's things otherwise?

                        Gill - Well Said


                        Tolerate intolerance??? Don't tolerate intolerence??? Hey, we can make that a new slogan!

                        Sure "We will not tolarate intolerance."

                        I love it! First they ask you to respect everybodies differences, then they say you don't do it if it's different than what they say.

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                          Doing well, Mongo...how 'bout yerself? Hope all is well.

                          J. Black

                          The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of any organization with which I am associated.


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                            How did we get gun control and political affiliation out of this topic?


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                              How did we get gun control and political affiliation out of this topic?

                              Easy, go back and read FiremanBucks' post. He accuses me of having a "true troglodyte nature" and not being "enlightened" enough. And obviously if I could cause somebody as tolerant as he claims to be have said those hate filled words, I'm not enlightened at all.


                              To those of us that know the secret right wing evil conservative intolerant handshake (would you believe in Texas it's just a left handed shake?) know that those are liberal buzzphrases and buzzwords. Sort of like the hate filled speech of the bigoted, I mean tolerant, left calling rich folks "evil" and labeling plans that get more people less dependent on the imperial federal government as "risky schemes." You've heard those nitwits some of us elect to congress like daschle, gebhardt, gore, kennedy (who by the way has killed more people with his car than I have with my guns, why isn't he trying to outlaw driving?) say these and more on numerous occassions.

                              But anyway...

                              Now see, us unenlightened folks like myself and BucksEng91 know that it is a liberal buzzword and phrase because we recognize those kinds of things as mini-attacks against our personal thoughts and freedoms. Sort of like thought crime legilation - oops I mean hate crime legislation that does not offer the equal protection under the law that is guaranteed us by the bigited, crap tolerant and enlightened persons most hated document, the US Constitution. Why is killing a person because of their religion different than killing them because they're rich?


                              So, I let it slide the first round, and the guy outright calls me a bigot. Well, it's obvious from that statement he didn't know what a bigot was so I had to define it and describe it for him. In the description I touched on the utter BS of this bigoted, I mean tolerant, attitude that the enlightened among us claim to have. Claiming tolerance in the way libs do is akin to saying there is no such thing as an absolute.

                              Then my brother BucksEng91 (whose always ready to lend a helping hand for the cause) from back east mentions pointing out absurdity with more absurdity.

                              So just for grins I point out a little more absurdity. Which, when you start asking the questions, points out the mind scramble that libs have to go through to believe their own BS. (Used to be one, know how it is.)

                              Things like this - if you want to see something on a grand scale, take a postage stamp and lay it out on your living room floor. Assuming your living room floor is roughly 14'X14', that represents to a rough scale the area of in Alaska where we'd like to drill for our own oil. See the 1"X1" stamp on the floor. It represents less than the area we'd actually drill in.

                              And since this topic has pretty much died, you can see that most of us could care less if you're gay, happy, blue, purple, orange, black, white or whatever as long as you can do the job when the job needs done.

                              Plus sometimes I just like to stir it up to see where it goes...

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                                Originally posted by Fireman2001:
                                I having nothing against gay people and never will. I feel that, that is their lifestyle and kudos to them, but would you want to work with a gay Firefighter, and do you think they should be allowed in this kind of work.
                                Let me ask a question to the original Question..... Who really Cares ? Why would such a question even come up in this day and age ?


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