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    Originally posted by mamaluke:
    I disagree with you, Nate. Fighting fire, preserving property and saving lives is our job and #1 priority. This comes above all else- even "customer service" and safety.

    Fighting fire & saving lives and property is how we provide "customer service".

    Perhaps the guys that are such supporters of "customer service" would be better suited in a sales position with Nordstrom.

    Vacuuming?? Only if you have your apron and its tied securely- otherwise its much too dangerous.

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    You are Dangerous PERIOD ! Yeah I'll admit Nate Marshall is Off his Rocker most of the Time but think about what you said...

    "Fighting Fire, preserving property, and saving lives is our job and # 1 Priority This comes above all else even customer service and Safety....

    Safety is the Most Important thing you Must excercise during a Fire Operation No matter How Large or Small --- If you go in like a Gang Buster with no regard to the victim's Home or your own personal safety or the safety of others YOU ARE DANGEROUS PERIOD...And Tarps, Runners, and preserving the Fire Scene is not only Respectable to the Home Owner who just lost everything but it helps them gain some dignaty back in what they still have --- THIER LIVES --- Plus it puts some trust in the victim's thoughts that hey,....My Fire Company really does care and they aren't the Drunks I thought they were....A little P/R Goes a Long Way --- But above all SAFETY is and should be your # 1 Concern before you start busting up the place.....Nate Marshall is a cooky goof-ball but he actually makes sense this time !!!



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      I'm finding some of statements about the phrase customer service quite amusing. A lot of larger departments have enough to deal with. First, yes it does make a difference wether you refer to proper salvage and overhaul as customer service, it's proper firefighting techniques. In a lot of these posts about replacing batteries in remotes, getting someone a glass of milk, cleaning up for a woman who has a crazy husband ( in this city the husband would probably come hunting for you) and so on, are not what the fire department should be getting envolved with, at least not here.

      It sounds like a few of these forum members feel we should be social workers along with being firefighters. Here we have enough to do without adding a ff/social worker to our title. I'm not against helping people at all but some of these ideas are sure crazy. We train 2-3 hrs a day, then go out and do hydrant districts (2 hrs). We also check 302 sites on a consistant basis ( another 2 hrs). None of this includes our pre-fire planning, public appearences at schools and social events ( public relations). Then add numerous fires during the duty tour, along with eating chow and trying to get some sleep.

      We don't have the time to do all the little things that smaller departments apparently feel they need to do.

      All this and more, along with being shot at, rocks and bottles thrown at the apparatus and its crew. Not to mention the assaults on firefighters at fire incidents and drivers that totally ignore emergency vehicles and feel you do not have the right of way on an emergency rum. We've actually had people try and race the apparatus. Here we have a public relations section, it's their job to work with the public. Ours is to help them with aggressive and proper firefighting techniques, saving lives, proper salvage and overhaul ( property conservation if you want) and getting in contact with the proper agencies when needed for the displaced individuals.

      A lot depends on the type of area you work for. In the larger urban and some smaller departments in low income cities, a lot of this so called customer service would be a detriment to its firefighting operations and their effectiveness. It comes down to, what may be good for your dept, may not be good for another.

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