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Looking for 2 S.O.G.s

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  • Looking for 2 S.O.G.s

    If anyone has policies on accident/Incident investigation and/or use of workout equipment in the firehouse, please Email them to [email protected]


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    Accident Procedures - Fire Department Vehicles


    Rev 9-22-92


    To provide direction regarding the proper action to be taken in the event of an accident involving a Fire Department vehicle.


    A. These guidelines are to be followed in both emergency and non-emergency driving situations. In the event of an accident involving a Fire Department vehicle, the following actions are required:

    B. The vehicle will not be moved from the accident scene.

    C. In injury situations, insure that appropriate emergency medical help is obtained. All persons involved need to be evaluated by ALS personnel and documentation gathered, even when they initially deny injury.

    D. In emergency response situations involving life safety, (i.e., drowning, fire with people trapped, etc.) where the involved vehicle is clearly the closest Fire Department unit and the accident is minor, the company officer or Fire Department member in charge must make a discretionary judgment and may proceed to the scene, immediately advising the Police Department of this action, and return to the accident scene as soon as possible.

    E. Have the Alarm Room notify the duty chief, the City Claims Officer, and Tempe Police Department of ALL vehicle accidents, no matter how minor.

    F. If an accident occurs during emergency response, have Alarm notify other units responding and/or have Alarm dispatch a cover company.

    G. The duty chief will insure that the Department Safety Officer is notified in writing as soon as possible.

    General Information

    In any type of accident, do not make statements to anyone except the Police or City Claims Officer. You are not to discuss the accident with anyone at the accident scene, friends, or neighbors until the case has been settled.

    A full written report must be submitted to the Department Safety Officer within four calendar days by the driver. This report will be in addition to all other required accident reports.

    In all apparatus accidents, the apparatus driver, his supervisor, his District Manager, and the Department Safety Officer will meet to discuss the incident.

    Accident Procedures - Personal Injury

    Rev 02-26-01


    To explain the required procedures to be followed in the event of a personal injury received on the job.


    Any employee who receives an injury while on duty is responsible for immediately notifying his/her supervisor.

    Every employee must immediately report any job-related illness or injury, regardless of severity to his/her supervisor. The supervisor must report the incident to the Risk Manager within 24 hours.

    It is the supervisor's responsibility to immediately take the necessary action required for treatment of the injury. Any injury requiring evaluation by a physician shall be reported to the duty chief and Personnel/Safety/Customer Service battalion chief immediately.

    It is the supervisor's responsibility to fill out all required forms, as spelled out in the City Accident and Injury Reporting Procedures. These forms shall be submitted to the Personnel/Safety/Customer Service battalion chief as soon as possible.

    It is the supervisor's responsibility to immediately take the necessary action required for treatment of the injury. Any injury requiring evaluation by a physician shall be reported immediately to the Duty Chief.

    Persons injured on the job are not to seek treatment from their personal physician. Treatment must be obtained through Emergency Department or other specialist as directed by the City Claims Office.

    City Rules and Regulations, Section 504, requires all supervisors to report injuries to the Risk Manager within 24 hours. Report injuries to the Risk Manager (phone number) by phone, voice mail or e-mail if appropriate.

    Members injured on the job are not to seek medical treatment from their personal physician. Treatment shall be obtained through Emergency Department or other specialists as directed by the City.

    With each incident of personal injury, the injured individual, their supervisor, the District Manager, and the Personnel/Safety/Customer Service battalion chief.

    All incidents of personal injury will be reviewed by the Personnel Chief. Some incidents may be reviewed and discussed with the injured member, his/her supervisor, District Manager and the Personnel Chief.

    Refer to City Rules and Regulation Section 504 for additional information on Industrial Leave and Benefits.


    Injury Report Packet

    Complete the Injury Report Packet for any injury requiring medical care. It is the supervisors responsibility to insure all forms are completed and filed correctly (supervisors have been issued a guideline book for completing the packet).

    Injury Report Packet Completion Instructions

    Walgreen's Workers Compensation Authorization Form

    Only use if planning on filling prescriptions at Walgreen's

    Take the form with you to the doctor's office. If given a prescription, fill in all doctors' information.

    Call Risk Management for Claim and Case/Policy numbers.

    Complete personal and injury information.

    Present to any Walgreen's Pharmacy along with your prescription.

    TSL Emergency Room Slip

    Complete only if going to TSL for medical care.

    If injury is a true medical emergency it is not required to obtain treatment

    Only complete if the illness/injury is minor and time permits

    Workers Compensation Return to Work Report


    Return to work dates will be completed by Risk Management unless the injured member is back to work.

    Complete all information and have your supervisor sign.

    Arizona State Workers Compensation Form


    This is to be completed by a supervisor and documents notification within 24 hours of the injury to Risk Management by email or phone at (number)

    Payroll & Personnel Retirement Form

    MANDATORY COMPLETION for all Lost Time Injuries

    Read completely, INITIAL where YES and NO responses are requested

    Fill in the name of injured and sign.

    Public Safety Retirement System Form

    MANDATORY COMPLETION for all Lost Time Injuries

    Determines if the member will contribute to the retirement system while on Industrial Leave

    Read completely and print name, department, and SSN


    Complete date, telephone, and injured signature at the bottom

    Report of Industrial Injury

    MANDATORY COMPLETION for all Treated and Lost Time Injuries

    Complete DATE and TIME of INJURY

    Enter all personal information for the injured member


    Complete INCIDENT DESCRIPTION thoroughly. Include who what when where and why. If the injury occurred during an incident, INCLUDE THE INCIDENT NUMBER AND COMPLETE THE CASUALTY REPORT SECTION IN FIREHOUSE

    Employee and Supervisor signature and date

    Complete MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION: Print injured name, sign and date at the bottom

    All forms shall be submitted to the Personnel Chief on the same shift as the injury occurred.

    E-Mail Documentation

    If any member receives an on the job illness or injury, but does not feel the severity is enough to seek medical attention, or does not anticipate needing medical attention in the future, you may notify the Risk Manager and Personnel Chief via-e-mail of the incident.

    · Be specific when describing the incident. (who, what, when, where and why)

    · If the injury occurred at an incident, include the incident number.

    · If it was witnessed, include names.

    · Copy your supervisor for his/her records.

    If at anytime a member feels they must seek medical attention, they shall notify their Supervisor and the Risk Manager to open a claim. If medical care is required, the Injury Report Packet shall be completed as soon as possible.


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      Thanks for the info. This should get me started in updating our own policy. If anyone else has anything to add or more info please post here. Again, thank you.


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