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Waverunner use by fire departments in water rescues, Do you or know someone who does

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  • Waverunner use by fire departments in water rescues, Do you or know someone who does

    I am looking for information from those of you around the country that either use a waverunner or know of some other department that uses them for water rescues. We are in the process of placing a grant request for such an item and our mayor made the comment that no one in the country would ever use a waverunner for fire department rescues.

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    Momeyer vol. fire rescue in north carolina uses them, they are the department that provides us with extrication services. they recieved ther wave runners for free, from yamaha I think, but there was some kind of catch to it for them to keep them, something about they had to have a certain amount of training hours every year. If you email me I can ask my friend who is the cheif of their department about it and I will mail you the info back.

    [email protected]


    • #3
      about 5 or 6 First Aid Squads including hte one I belong to own wave Runners and they work EXCELLENT! Everyone is trained to use them and they've worked Great 2 times so far..that we've ACTUALY needed to rescue someone that our boat couldnt get out too and we have rescued 2 people with it..I say get one they work great...

      South Amboy, New Jersey
      Explorer Engine 6 So. Amboy Fire Dept & Cadet Morgan FAS


      • #4
        You may want to contact some of the manufacturers of the crafts you see in the magazines and see if they can provide you with contacts that use them. There are probably a number of them and Im sure the manufacturers can get you that information.


        • #5
          Rescue teams all across the country use wave runners very successfully.

          I believe one such department is the LA county lifegaurds. They have developed several specialized training and rescue programs for the craft that work quite well.

          In addition the American Power Boat Association (APBA) Affliated Rescue Teams (APBAART) use several donated Tiger Sharks for providing quick response divers for Powerboat Races.

          One team is just down the road. Box 21 Rescue Services in Dayton Ohio. They have a dedicated group of volunteers that travel to Inboard Hydroplane races across a three state area.

          I don't think they have a web site and I don't have any EMail addresses for them but I know they are in the phone book for Dayton. If you can't find a number send me an EMail back and I'll get you a phone number to call.

          Does your rescue team need a wave runner? If it takes you longer than 5 minutes to launch a rescue boat and you have any water that needs rescue on it is always a good idea. Remember that training is the KEY!

          Stay safe

          Kevin Gilday

          I don't represent any agency so I can say what I want!


          • #6
            Believe it or not, waverunners ar also used in urban settings for rescue. DCFD Fire Boat # 1 (The John Glenn), has a waverunner on board which it can deploy into shallow or otherwise inaccessable areas of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers and their tributaries. To place it in service, it is lowered off of the deck to the water surface via a mechanical boom.


            • #7
              Honolulu Fire and Honolulu's Lifegaurds use wave runners. While the Rescue stations do have rescue boats, some of the other stations have wave runners to use while the rescue boat is on the way. Hope this helps.


              • #8
                we had two wave runners donated to the dept for a year bye yahama but the next year they decided not to let us keep them the next year
                we kept them at the main station and our two boats at the other two station so we had a quick respomnce vecheil
                hope this helps
                stay safe and have fun


                • #9
                  We use them as well and have for years. Yamaha does have a program, but it is dependant on your local dealer. Ours was a problem so we ended up buying one from someone else.

                  They are great for several things. You can pick uninjured persons out of the water easily. You can transport injured people on water equipped skeds off the back. You can use boogie boards, you can do shore searches in fairly shallow areas...they are great in rivers as well as lakes...the list goes on and on.

                  I agree with others though, training is key. If you don't know what you are doing you can hurt yourself and ruin your machine.

                  Susan Bednar
                  Forsyth Rescue Squad (Captain)
                  Griffith Volunteer FD


                  • #10
                    Bloomington hospital Ambulance service in Indiana have 2 waverunners donated by Yamaha that they have avalable 24/7 but on fri/sat/sun employees are paid $40/day just to cruise the lake, which is a pretty good gig. the people who use them are well trained and have at least 2 confirmed saves by being in the right place at right time to save under water near drowning victims. if you want more specific info e-mail me and I will place you in touch with the right people.



                    • #11
                      Our department used them for a while. I'll give you a contact Email so you can get more info on this topic. [email protected] We even had a new one donated each year by the manufacturer. Hope this helps.


                      • #12
                        To all of you who have replyed thank you this information is quite helpfulin talks with the mayor. Please keep them coming in.


                        • #13
                          While our department does not use them, the county dive team does. The county dive team is run through the sherriff's department.

                          I've had some training with them through fire school, and like everyone else has said, you need training on them!

                          If you would like more information, the dive team is run through the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department, in Indiana. I believe they "lease" the watercraft for $1/year from a dealer, and they get new ones every year. I might be able to get you a contact name and/or number if you need it.
                          Email me at [email protected] (I may take a while to get back to you though) if you want more info.


                          • #14
                            If I remember correctly San Antonio F.D. (TX) uses wave runners with their Tech. rescue team. Their link is on this site under U.S. Departments, the Rescue Co. is on the site (Rescue 4)


                            • #15
                              Hi we used to use one in Akron if you need anything let us know the station is number 10 the dive team. We stopped using them for the past few years because the law dept said we couldn't. We are in the process of trying to use it again.


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