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New Fundraiser

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  • New Fundraiser

    As well as being a firefighter,I own a business that deals with raising funds for emergency service organizations. This is a new program we have started and I just wanted to let depts. know that if they would like any information please contact me and I will send our info pack so you can review it. Email [email protected] or call 515-848-5607 ask for Todd. My dept is also looking to purchase used 4" LDH for a truck we just refurbed. Thanks and stay safe!

  • #2
    Are you a telemarketer or are you selling something???


    • #3
      God no! Telemarketers annoy the hell out of me. I own a small wholesale business besides being a volunteer firefighter. My company has started a fundraising program for depts. that could use it. All the information is free and depts have started this program without having to give me a dime up front. If you would like info email or call I will gladly answer any questions. 515-848-5607
      Thanks for the reply.


      • #4
        I've try to put more information at this website www.firefunds.bigstep.com. Check it out. Stay safe!


        • #5
          And from a recent Dave Barry column, this fund raising idea:

          "Our next incident in the alarming international bosom spate is detailed in a report from the Dec. 13, 2000, issue of the Myrtle Beach, S.C., Sun News, written by Kelly Burch and sent in by many alert readers. This report states that the Myrtle Beach Fire Department was forced to reject a $2,400 donation because -- and again, I am not making this up -- the money ``was collected at a party where women danced on stage while having their bare chests rubbed with a ham.''

          Yes! A benefit topless ham rubbing! This occurred Dec. 10 at a Myrtle Beach dance club, whose owner is quoted in the story as offering this tightly reasoned defense of the event: `If somebody goes up there and pulls their shirt up, it is all in good taste.'

          This argument apparently was not persuasive to Myrtle Beach City Manager Tom Leath, who is quoted as saying: `I guarantee this will be the last ham rubbing they have for the fire department.'

          Again, we are left with unanswered questions, such as: What did they do with the used ham? Sell it on eBay? "

          Any comments from MBFD brothers?



          • #6
            MY favorite fund raiser can be found at: http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape

            I tried to convince my Advisor to use this as a fundraiser for our post, but he wouldn't even ask the mayor.



            300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


            Upper 300x250