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Bush and the Environment

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  • Bush and the Environment

    What do you guys think of this?


    Seattle, April 24, 2001 (BSNS)

    A coalition of environmental activists and eco-scientists stepped up their criticisms of White House environmental policies at a news conference in Seattle today. At issue was Bush's move, reported Monday, to rescind newly implemented guidelines on the amount of allowable dihydrogen monoxide (hydroxyl acid) in the nation's water supply.

    The new EPA regulations, calling for a 50 percent reduction in the allowable amount of dihydrogen monoxide in drinking water, was implemented by the Clinton Administration on January 19, 2001, just days before the inauguration of George W. Bush.

    "The deadly potential of dihydrogen monoxide cannot be over-emphasized," said Bruno Ahrens, spokesman for the coalition. "This invisible killer kills thousands of people worldwide every single year. By allowing large amounts of dihydrogen monoxide to remain in our water supply President Bush has signed a death warrant for thousands of Americans, many of whom will be children. It is yet another example of Bush's willingness to declare open war on our precious environment for the benefit of his big-money corporate supporters and contributors."

    Documentation distributed by these friends of the environment described dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) as "colorless, odorless and tasteless," and said that it kills uncounted thousands of people every year. Most of the deaths from DHMO come from accidental inhalation. A prolonged exposure to DHMO in its solid form can cause extreme tissue damage.

    Other dangers of DHMO are listed as:

    DHMO is a major component of acid rain
    DHMO contributes to the world's "greenhouse effect."
    DHMO can cause severe burns resulting in death.
    DHMO is cited as a major cause of erosion of our natural landscape

    DHMO can even cause corrosion and rusting of many metals!

    In addition, DHMO is used as an industrial solvent and is a major component of the production of nuclear power. It is used in the production of styrofoam, as a fire retardant, and in many forms of animal research. It is widely used in the distribution of pesticides and is an additive in many junk foods.

    A press release issued at the conference reads: "After many years of dedicated work by friends of the world's environment, the enlightened Clinton Administration finally issued regulations that would reduce the amounts of this deadly substance that would be allowed in the nation's water supply. Furthermore, the new regulations would have prohibited corporations from dumping waste DHMO into our rivers, lakes and the oceans. Now that Bush has revoked these much-needed regulations our lakes, rivers and streams, our oceans and our very drinking water will remain polluted by this deadly substance.

    "By his actions George W. Bush has vividly demonstrated his absolute disdain for our environment and the right of the American people to clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. This is the Republican agenda, corporate profits over the health and welfare of the people."

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    WOW! This sounds really terrible. But really now, what is "dihydrogen monoxide"? Well, let's see. The prefix "di" meaning two, we should all know what hydrogen is, the prefix "mono" meaning one, and finally "oxide" meaning oxygen. Hmmmm, this substance is made up of two hydrogens and one oxygen. How was it that they showed us to write this out in chemistry class? H2O I think. Thats right, good old water. Scary stuff huh? Is this some kind of scam to see how many tree huggers will get bent out of shape by something that is really nothing while proving their ignorance at the same time?


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      If it was so important, why didn't Clinton sign it until his brother could make a few dollars acting as a lobbyist with his brother???

      The water act is based on fuzzy science, no one knows how many lives will be saved versus the cost, if any.


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        Is this some kind of scam to see how many tree huggers will get bent out of shape by something that is really nothing while proving their ignorance at the same time?

        Man you just couldn't play along could you.


        You hit the nail on the head. Did you hear that that bonehead Daschle even voted against the arsenic legislation?


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          A key to this may be to research the cost value as applies to the ‘public water works,’ or whoever has to purify the water.

          A rumor I heard was that the regulation would push the cost of public water up.

          The rumor has stated that water bill may rise $200 or more per month in certain areas.

          The general public would probably say to heck with that and drill there own wells.

          Rather or not this is true I don't know, however I find that the general media seems to be getting lazy on finding the truth / facts and is more into getting ratings and selling papers than anything else they also seem to be bent on making enemies out of certain people!

          Of course this may open another "can of worms!"


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